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2021 Canadian Hanoverian Inspections*Update*

Dear CHS breeders,

We are still hopeful that our German judge, Maren Schlender, will be able to join us this year for the inspection tour. However, if she is not able to come due to restrictions, we will still be able to conduct our inspections with our Canadian judges. As previously announced, we will organize the tour slightly differently this year, with a few more inspection sites added in order to keep the numbers smaller. The tour is planned September 1st-13th. Starting September 1st west of Toronto, working our way east, with the Quebec Inspection on the 6th, continuing east to PEI for the 7th and 8th, then Western Canada from the 9th-13th. These are rough estimates for now, until we have more information from you.

We need you to send in your foal declarations to the Hannoveraner Verband. Either through the online portal on the Hanoverian Website via “Mein Hannoveraner” or by email to Tanja Coors, This is very important, so we can plan accordingly.

In the near future, we will be announcing the inspection sites. Entries for the Eastern Canadian Hanoverian Inspections are to be sent directly to the inspection site hosts. All entries for the Western Canadian Hanoverian sites are to be sent to your club President, George von Platen. More details will follow.

Thank you!

Inga Hamilton, Marjorie Haus, George von Platen, Isabelle Schmid


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