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Digital Hannoveraner Stallion Yearbook

Verden, December 15, 2022

A new chapter is opened, Hannoveraner Yearbook Stallions Digital.

This year the Hannoveraner Verband has taken the step of launching a digital form of the Yearbook Stallions. For many years the Yearbook Stallions was the reference book for Hannoveraner breeders. This claim is to be maintained in an extended form and with up-to-date information. The free internet offer at is intended to support the breeders' decisions.

The first edition of the Yearbook Stallions was published in 1999, based on the dissertation of Dr. Ludwig Christmann. The first Hannoveraner Yearbook Stallions was published with the aim of "summarising all available information on the individual stallions' own and offspring performance in a clear form", according to the foreword at the time. Since 2010, the book has been completed by the part of the stallions that were entered in the Hannoveraner Verband's Stallion Book I for the first time last year, with pedigree, own performance and photo. Further breeding values such as the breeding value for young horse tests or the breeding value for the highest class achieved were also included in the yearbook.

And now the Yearbook Stallions opens a new chapter. The Yearbook Stallions digital is online on the homepage of the Hannoveraner Verband On the respective detail pages you can find the basic information as well as the different breeding values, own and offspring successes. And the digital version has one decisive advantage: It is updated daily. Sport and show successes of the stallions and their offspring are automatically entered, and thus the Yearbook Stallions digital always offers the latest status.


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