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Listings are open to current members only and require admin approval before posting live on this site.

Posting a Free Marketplace Listing on the CHS Website

To place a free marketplace listing that appears only on the Canadian Hanoverian Society (CHS) website, complete and submit the form below. Once the form has been submitted, please allow up to three business days for approval and the posting of your listing on the CHS Marketplace webpage.


Please note that listings will be removed after 6 months, but may be resubmitted or updated by Contacting Us with your request.


Each horse advertised must have Hanoverian or Rhineland papers, or have applied for the same with the exception of a non-Hanoverian / non-Rhineland mare who may be advertised if she has been inspected and accepted into the Hanoverian and /or Rhineland breeding program.

This email address is required for administrative purposes. It will NOT appear in the body of the ad. To include a visible email address in the body of the online ad, also complete the "Contact Email" field below.

Select File

Upload a GIF, JPG or PNG file. Max. size 2MB. Please credit the photographer in the caption field. Professional photos may only be used with express permission of the photographer.

Your listing has been submitted. Please allow up to 3 business days for approval. 

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