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Canadian Hanoverian Society Chairman’s Message by Michael Boyd
In spite of continuing challenging times for the horse industry in Canada, our club seems to be more than holding its own. We now have almost 170 full members in Canada and seem to be attracting new breeders. We had a very successful year with probably about 130 or so  oals registered. Our inspection tour was well attended with sites at Spruce Meadows, Parkwood, South Lane and Dreamcatcher.
I would especially like to thank our judges/inspectors: Inga Hamilton, Ursula Hosking and Albert Kley. These people spend a lot of time on farm visits to register foals and inspect mares that do not come to the main inspection/show sites. We now have four Verband approved judges in Canada, Inga, Ursula, Albert and Ferdinand Haupt.
The number of approved stallions resident in Canada has increased greatly the last two years and I believe we have never had as many approved stallions activated with the Verband as at the present. The quality of our mare herd continues to improve each year and it is evident in the foals that are presented for registration. Dr. Christmann has noted this to us and Hartmut Wilking who was the Verband judge this year remarked that the quality of our foals is as good as found at any show in Germany.
In sport Hanoverians continue to be found at the top level in dressage and two Hanoverian show jumpers, George ridden by Jill Henselwood and Singular Carlotta ridden by Yann Candele had an excellent year, with the result that in the most recent issue of Horse Sport magazine Hanoverians are the second top jumping breed in Canada. During the year the CHS reached an agreement with the Celle National Stud and our club is now the exclusive distributor for frozen semen from Celle beginning in 2013. Information and order forms can be
found on the club website:
The CHS with the two local breeding clubs in Eastern and Western Canada have approved an annual award in honour of Fritz Floto who passed away in June of this year. The Fritz Floto award is for the top scores in our Mare Performance Tests each year. The award is a pewter plate that will be engraved for the winner with one being presented for the top dressage bred mare and one for the top jumper bred mare. Information on our first winners can be found in this newsletter.
We will again be having a stallion service auction and information on this can be found in this newsletter and on the club website. I would like to thank all the stallion owners for their participation and Kathleen Sulz, Nancy Schmidt and Kathleen Richardson for their work on the auction to make it successful.
The two local breeding clubs and the CHS want to remind members that we are only able to provide two judges for a mare performance test and a mare show when there are at least three mares to do the MPT and at least three mares to be shown. Outside of these locations arrangement must be made with the two local clubs for the registration and branding of foals and farm inspection of mares. The costs for this are born by the member. Given where most of our members are located we anticipate inspections, shows, MPT’s and foal registrations will continue to be held in Calgary and two sites in Eastern Canada. These have been in the Toronto area and Eastern Ontario or Western Quebec. Members who are interested in hosting an inspection site should contact Dan French, president of the Western club, Ferdinand Haupt, president of the Eastern club or myself as early as possible in 2013 so that we can talk to the Verband about dates for the 2013 inspection tour.
I would like to extend best wishes to all our members for Christmas and the holiday season and for a successful breeding season in the New Year.
 Eastern Canadian Hanoverian Breeders Club President’s Message by Ferdinand Haupt 
As 2012 comes to an end once again we wonder about the coming year and what it will bring to us? Nothing ever seems to stay the same, be it in our family or business; change is unavoidable and very often a MUST if we want to succeed.
The government’s plans of taking away gambling revenue at the race tracks will not only have a devastating effect on Standardbred and Thoroughbred industry but will impact us farther down the line as well. For the sporthorse industry the problems with non standardized pre-purchase exams done by some veterinarians here in Ontario is equally destructive. I have my doubts that the x-ray project, started by our organization will make an immediate difference, but it hopefully will establish some standards and guidelines to prevent  misrepresentation.
On a more positive note, we are very proud of the new arrangements with the Landgestuet Celle to be the representing agent for semen import and distribution of semen here in Canada. We are hoping to set up similar arrangements with some of the private studs from Germany as well.
Last but not least I would like to make you aware of a very new initiative….the “Ontario Has Talent” Program. It has been established to help young talented riders take part in clinics run by some of our very best Canadian trainers. As the program is slowly being recognized, the financial support is growing as well. Also the program is meant to support and help in training FEI eligible horses age four to six years old. More information on this program can be found on the Ontario has Talent website ( I hope that many of our members will make use of this new program!
To all our members a very joyful Christmas Season!
Eastern Inspections, Mare Shows, Foal Shows/Registrations by Cassie Parkinson
The Hanoverian inspections and foal shows in eastern Canada were very successful and well attended this year. Hosted by Parkwood Stables in Rockwood on Sept 12th and Southlane Farm in Vankleek Hill on the 13th/14th, both sites had great turnout and beautiful horses.
Parkwood Site The Parkwood inspection began with sunny weather and one mare performance test. The Champion Mare and Best Canadian Bred Mare was Hypatia (His Highness/Waikiki) owned by Marion Howard and bred by Ferdinand Haupt, who received her elite mare status. In total, 18 mares were presented and Sharon Beard’s La Vida (Londonderry/Brentacio) came in second and received her 1A prize, Parkwood’s Winslet (Wolkentanz II/Lauries Crusador) came in third and also received her 1A.
There were 23 foals presented in the foal show. Champion jumper foal was Leanne Simchison’s Blue Balou II (Balou de Rouet/Rio Grande) with Christian Poschung’s Crystal (Clinton I/Foxhunter) as reserve.
The dressage final round included Parkwood’s Sir Gilbert (Sir Donnerhall/Fidertanz), Kathleen Richardson’s Spiderman (Sir Donnerhall/Contessa), Suzanne Hess’s Fiorentina (Freestyle/Vesta) and Sally Welsh’s Hudson (Harvard/Raine). Kathleen Richardson was champion and reserve was Suzanne Hess.
Highlights of the day included a presentation of Parkwood’s stallion Fabregas, ridden by Inga Hamilton and at lunch the late Fritz Floto was honoured with heart felt talks by both Inga Hamilton and Fritz’s son Bernhard, followed by a toast to Fritz by all who attended the show. Special thanks go out to Chris and Bruce Von Gartzen who supplied the port for the toast.
Southlane began their inspection on the 13th with the Mare Performance Test consisting of 12 mares. The Mare Performance Test Winner was Chablis (Comte/Grandessa) bred by Mr. Johannes Otto, Wildeshausen and owned by Southlane Farm. There were 6 1A’s awarded, which included the top three in the mare show; Lucky Charm (Landkoenig/Grenadine) bred and owned by Southlane Farm was the Champion Mare and Best Canadian Bred Mare, second place was Skyler (Sandro Hit/Shari) owned by Ellen King, and third was Chablis (Comte/Grandessa) also owned by Southlane Farm. The other three mares awarded their 1A were Pay Day (Providence/Genji) and Genever (Graf Top/Riviera) both owned by South Lane Farm and Wisteria (Wolkenstein II/Liesel) owned by Sophie Crochetiere.
The foal show was a great success and the dressage standings were: Feng de Lys a colt (Fuerstenball/Weltmeyer) in first bred and owned by Ferme de Lys, second was Harlowe (High Spirits/Don Primero) a filly bred by the RCMP and owned by Liz Steacie and third was Totem
(Totalis/Donnerhall) a colt bred and owned by Patricia Close. The top jumper foals were: in first, Pandora (Providence/Simply SM) a filly bred and owned by Southlane Farm, second was a colt named Schatzmeister (Sir Wanabi/Lacantus) bred and owned by Sandra
Laprise and third was Lang Lang de Lys (Levisson/For Edition) a colt bred and owned by Ferme de Lys. We want to thank the Palmers and the Parkinsons for putting on yet another great inspection and big congratulations to the winners!

News from the West by Charlene Spengler.
The Hanoverian Breed continues to set the standard for quality and success in equine sport here in Western Canada. This success always begins with the breeder. The Breeder’s Show at Spruce Meadows during the 2012 Masters Tournament was a true testament to the success that our breeders are constantly striving to achieve. It was the mares that stole the show this year with impressive results in all classes. The mare performance test again took place at Teradan Farms near Spruce Meadows. The top performance mare this year was Lexington WS by Lazio/Watzmann owned by Tyler Keuber of Edmonton AB with a very strong jumping score followed closely by the highest scoring dressage mare Libertie by Likoto/Evergreen owned by Trudie Spengler of Nanton AB. The 3 year old class was taken by the mare Cuba by Cassus/Warkanson owned by George Von Platen of Camrose AB earning both a 1A status and Elite Mare Candidate with second place awarded to the mare Fiji by Fabriano/Foxhunter also owned by George Von Platen. The 4 and 5 year old class really spoke to the quality of mares presented as all mares received 1A status and Elite Mare Candidate approvals. The winning mare and Top Mare of the 2012 Mare Show being Ruby Slippers by Royal Blend/Lord Sinclair owned by Alex Hampson of Yellowknife NWT who was also awarded the Top Canadian Bred Mare and was bred by Teradan Farms. Second place was awarded to the mare Rosie by Rascalino/Weltmeyer owned by Shelley Parkinson of Calgary AB. The 6 year and older class was taken by the 10 year old mare Aida by Accord II/Grannus owned by Linda Reinbold of Priddis AB who had a highly successful show jumping career followed by another 10 year old mare Weltana DC by Weltmeyer/Waldkoenig owned by Theresa Kirsch of Talkwa BC who had a notable Totilas foal at side. There were also 3 non Hanoverian mares that were readily approved. In total there were 15 mares presented and accepted into the main studbook. A well deserved congratulations to all of the mare owners as this was a precedent setting year for the mare inspections.
The foal show was not without its own excitement in the fact that there was an impressive line-up with offspring representing some of the most popular breeding stallions in the world today. The jumper class was topped with a lovely filly by Le Primeur/Stakkato owned by Spruce Meadows of Calgary AB where Le Primeur has consistently dominated this class as a great sire. The dressage class was topped with a prominent colt by Quaterback/Feinbrand owned by Caroline Champigny of Edmonton AB which was no easy feat as he was up against some stiff competition from the other notable sires Bellisimo M, Fuerst Nymphenburg, Londonderry and the great Totilas too! Speaking of sires, Spruce Meadows in conjunction with the Hanoverian Verband and the generous corporate sponsor Siemens were proud to present a rare showing of eight beautiful black Celle Stallions that travelled from Germany to promote the dynamic Hanoverian Breed. The magnificent stallions Rotspon, Don Index, Drombusch, Silberschmied, Santino, Lorenzio, Hochadel and his son Heinrich Heine performed an impressive quadrille dressage presentation on a daily basis attracting and thrilling the crowds. The Hanoverian Verband booth in the Equi-Fair and the mare and foal shows were very well attended having an increased number of spectators due to the advertising of our special visitors from Celle and the Hanoverian Day festivities. Another stallion worthy of mention is Embassy II by Escudo I/Silvio I ridden by Hans Dieter Dreher of Germany owned by the Galmbacher SPZ and bred by Dr. Bonny-Jasmin Jacobs also of Germany. This handsome 11 year old competing in the international jumping division was awarded the Outstanding Hanoverian of the 2012 Masters Tournament. Spruce Meadows continues to promote the Hanoverian Breed by recognizing these exceptional athletes and their achievements.
The Annual General Meeting of the Western Canada Hanoverian Breeders Club took place at Teradan Farms after the mare performance tests were complete. The Fritz Floto Memorial Award was discussed and warmly welcomed by all members as well as the Equine Canada Industry Committee initiative to explore pre purchase and veterinary exams and to improve this process. We look forward to electing our new executive and establishing some innovative and exciting goals for our club in the future.
A very special thank you is extended to the Verband and to the judges for joining us annually to attend our shows. This year we had the pleasure of hosting Mr. Hartmut Wilking the Deputy Chairman of the Hannoveraner Verband and Dr. Axel Brockmann the Manager of the Celle National State Stud who were so patient and gracious with their time and expertise. Also we must not forget to thank Albert and Judy Kley, Mike Boyd, Dan French, Teradan Farms, all of the volunteers, the Spruce Meadows owners and staff that made our inspections and esteemed Hanoverian Day at the 2012 Masters a great success! Till next time happy riding!

Inaugural Fritz Floto Mare Performance Test Award Winners
This year we had 21 mares complete their Mare Performance Tests at Spruce Meadows, Parkwood, South Lane and Dreamcatcher Meadows. The award is a beautiful pewter plate which will be engraved with the name of the winning mare and its owner. One is awarded for the dressage bred mare with the top MPT score and one for the top jumper bred mare. The Fritz Floto award for the top jumper mare this year is won by the mare Chablis (Comte/Grandessa) bred by Mr. Johannes Otto and owned by Joe and Louise Palmer of South Lane Farm.
The Fritz Floto award for the top dressage mare is won by the mare Ballerina (Balletmeister/Dimaggio) bred by Jill Giese and John Dingle of Dreamcatcher Meadows and owned by Leroy “Bus” Fuller.

Stallion testing Oklahoma by Ludwig Christmann
Dear Canadian friends,
Good news from the stallion performance test on Silvercreek Farms, Oklahoma. Both Canadian based Hanoverian stallions passed. Bon Balou by Balou du Rouet/Argentinus, based at Dreamscape Farms, Langley, BC, was the winner in the jumping index with 125.04. Overall he finished 3rd from 21 stallions with an overall index of 118.96 and a dressgae index of 110.55 (8th place). Vive Victory by Viva Voltaire/Akzent II from Knight’s Gate Hanoverians, Welland, Ontario, finished 9th overall with 109.97 points (dressage 113.43/9th and jumping 106.27/10th).
In addition four highly interesting stallions could be licensed for the Hanoverian breed. They are based in the US, but of course available for the Canadian Hanoverian breeders. These are: – Q’redit, 4-year-old Oldenburg stallion by Quaterback/Dream of Glory; winner of the test with an overall index of 126.59 and best dressage stallion with 135.93. The jumping index is 113.16/6th place. Q’redit will stand at Hilltop Farm, Maryland. – Bliss MF, 6-year-old Zweibrücker by Balou du Rouet/Argentinus from Marabet Farm, Florida. Bliss finished 2nd overall (122.31) and 2nd in jumping (124.23) ,with a good 3rd place in dressage (119.77). – Contratto, 5-year-old American Holsteiner by Contendro/Lord Calando from St.Louis, Missouri. He finished 5th overall (114.85), was 3rd in jumping (118.58) and 9th in dressage (109.08).
– Lord Adonis, 4-year-old Westfalian by Lordanos/Raphael from Mount Olympus Equestrian, San Antonio,Texas, 8th overall with 111.58 points (dressage 110.78/7th, jumping 111.83/7th). Please note: the announced index results are preliminary.
2013 Canadian Hanoverian Society Stallion Service Auctioncontact K. Richardson at
This year heralds a repeat of last year’s very successful Stallion Service Auction – giving North American breeders access to top Hanoverian-approved stallions at a reduced fee …. and with NO Booking fee or Initial Collection Fee … a benefit which sets our Stallion Service Auction apart from all others.
Initial List of Stallions on Offer (more to be confirmed …)
· Choice of Autocrat or Wolkentanz II
· Choice of Merlin or Wellesley
· 1 dose of frozen semen for Dancier
· 1 dose of frozen semen for Cassillias
· Viva Voltaire
· Grandom
· Donnegan
· Bliss
· Schwarzenegger
· Vive Victory
· Don Principe (frozen, LFG)
· Fabregas
· Choice of Rainbow Equus’ stallion (Wild Dance, Rubignon, Lankkonig, Pablo, Pablito or
· Choice of Hilltop Farm’s Hanoverian stallions (frozen, LFG)
Timing: 1st Round bidding
– begins Friday February 8th
– ends Sunday, February 24th, at 10 pm
2nd Round (Buy it now) bidding
– begins Friday March 1st and
– ends Tuesday March 5th, at 10 pm
Structure: Similar to the AHS stallion service auction, this will be an online bidding process, lasting about 2 weeks, with the winning bidder paying The Canadian Hanoverian Society by PayPal, Visa or Mastercard.
After the auction closes, there will be “2nd Round” bidding, lasting 5 days, where the 1st bidder purchases the contract immediately at “buy now” price.
Minimum bid:
Round 1 will be ½ the regular LFG Contract Fee (eg $600 where fee is usually $1200, $800 where fee is usually $1600, etc) or a reduced fee for frozen semen offered by the dose. Bids will be in $25 increments.
Round 2 “Buy-now” pricing will be $500 per LFG contract, or further reduced fee for frozen semen, by the dose, no LFG.
Bid Covers:
• This bid will cover all booking and first collection fees for the donated stallion, and the breeding as per the stallion owner’s contract.
•The winning bidder will be responsible for all shipping and container fees in addition to the winning bid, and for any collection fees subsequent to the 1st collection /shipment. Note – for US based stallions, Cdn winners will pay for all CEM-related paperwork/ procedures
• Bidders must obtain a copy of the stallion owner’s Breeding contract prior to bidding.
Benefits for Buyers and Stallion Owners
· Breeders have access to great, Hanoverian Approved stallions, at a reduced fee with booking fee & first collection fee included in the winning bid.
· Stallion Owners will have increased exposure to the breeding public through listings on the Canadian Hanoverian Society website and Facebook page, as well as a reciprocal ad for the auction on the AHS website and postings on Chronicle of the Horse forums
Watch for details, photos and videolinks for all stallions in early January on the Canadian Hanoverian Society website, at
A big “Thank You” goes out to our generous stallion owners for supporting the Canadian Hanoverian Breeders again this year, and furthering the aims of Hanoverian breeders and the Hanoverian breed in North America.
Good luck in your bidding!
Code of Practice submitted by Equine Canada
A public 60-day comment period has begun on the DRAFT Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Equines and runs until February 14, 2013. As participants in the equine industry, the final Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Equines will be yours to know, understand, defend and support. That is why it is vital for you to add your voice to its development. Please download the full draft Code at Content from each section of the draft Code will be followed by a box for you to provide your comments, or alternatively select “no comments”. Due to the sheer volume anticipated, please ensure your feedback is specific by providing a rationale for your comments and, when applicable, alternative wording or suggestions.
After 22 months of work by an 18-person Equine Code Development Committee (CDC) and a five-person Scientists’ Committee (SC), the Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Equines is near completion. Development of the draft text included more than 100 hours of face-to-face meetings, in addition to online and telephone communications by each of the Committees, and public participation through three online surveys designed to gain stakeholder insights and views on the care and handling of horses, ponies, donkeys and mules in Canada. The final steps are the 60-day Public Comment Period followed by consideration of the feedback and possible adjustments to the Code. The Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Equines, once finalized and released into circulation during the summer of 2013, is intended to promote sound management and welfare practices in regards to responsible horse, pony, donkey and mule ownership, health management, feeding, housing, feedlot management, principles of training, euthanasia and other husbandry practices. The impending equine Code will clearly identify “Requirements” as well as “Recommended Practices”. Requirements will refer either to a regulation or an industry imposed expectation. The Code’s Recommended Practices will further support the Requirements in conjunction with promoting education and the adoption of practices for continuous improvement in animal welfare outcomes.
The English version of the Verband’s monthly magazine Der Hannoveraner is now published monthly but is only available online on the Verband’s website: It is not the most user friendly to find but the magazine has been significantly expanded and it is well worth the effort to look for it.
Here are the instructions to find The Hanoverian magazine:
1. On the Verband’s home page click on the British flag for the English pages.
2. On this page click on, “Hannoveraner Dam Line” on the middle right side of the page.
3. This takes you to a page labelled Hannoveraner Dam Line. On this page click on, “Click here to follow the link Hannoveraner Dam Line”.
4. This takes you to a login page. Enter your User Name and Password.
5. This takes you to a page where you click on, “The Hanoverian, To the PDF Files”.
6. You are then on a page that will list the monthly magazines that can be accessed. Currently there are April, May and June. Click on, “PDF download”. You will have to have Adobe Reader software of your computer and this will open up The Hanoverian magazine.
The Hanoverian magazine can also be opened directly from the German home page. In this case click on, “Hannoveraner Stutenstamm” on the middle right of the page. Then on the next page click on, “Hier geht es zu Hannoveraner Stutenstamm”. This will take you to the login page and then follow the rest of the instructions above.
Some time ago the Verband sent members their Username and Password but there have been problems with members logging in. In this case you should email Tanja Coors at, and ask her to send you your Username and Password. She may have to reset your password and will send a new one to you.
News from Club Members
Members with any “news” to share with other members, please send to Kathleen Richardson at so this information can posted on our website and Facebook page.
From Suzanne Hess, South Grey Hanoverians:
Winchester, 1999 Hanoverian gelding (Welfenschatz x Lenare) bred by Fritz Floto. He came into my life on June 15, 2010, the big black horse who looked like he’d seen better days. After months of feeding and slowly bringing him back to what I can only imagine was his former self, Winchester and I embarked upon a trip to Ocala, Florida in February 2011 to tackle some easy, low level jumping at the HITS shows. He showed me his eagerness to please, his easy going brave nature and his big heart. During our 5 weeks there, a young 13yr old girl wished to show him in the hunters. So she entered him and showed him the very next day placing in the top 6 in both rounds! It was a successful trip with placings in the hunters and Winchester showing up to Level 3 in the jumpers.
On our arrival home, and still wanting to know more about what this horse could do, I decided to take him to Rob Robertson’s Springfest Dressage show at Ironhorse. The judges were FEI 4 and 5* judges, with nothing but praises on his training and giving us a “9” on gaits! Winchester won each of his Training level dressage tests and finished with the Championship.
We then decided to try him at the Cornerstone Farms Dressage show in Palgrave. Again this wonderful horse won the division! He continued to show in the dressage arenas in First and Second Level until August of that year, garnering many test results of mid 60’s to low 70’s, providing a reputation as a competitor to be watched!
Still feeling adventurous…we decided a foray into Eventing was warranted with the remainder of the year. Winchester took to eventing like a duck to water, winning his first event, followed by four others. Winchester went into the Stadium at the Provincials in the lead and only due to one knockdown, ended up 3rd. At the OHTA year end’s Winchester received Reserve Champion overall in the Entry division after only five shows. It was at this time that I made a visit to Fritz with pictures and some of Winchester’s results. He was quite happy to see this horse, as apparently it was one of his favourite foals named “Wolfie”. Fritz told me he still had Welfenschatz and Lenare in his barn…old and happy. He shared many stories with me that day that I am so thankful for.
So for 2012, with this wonderful, athletic horse, I decided to conquer some of my own demons and moved up to the Pre-Training division. Winchester and I won our first 3 attempts! At the Provincial Champs, we were in the leaders again going into the Stadium. Ending the year with 4 x 1st’s, a 2nd, 2 x 6th’s and a 7th, it was good enough for us to receive the Reserve Champion year end trophy again at this years Ontario Horse Trials awards banquet. It also placed me as Champion Novice Adult too!
I’m not sure what 2013 has in store for us, but Winchester and I are really enjoying what we do. This is a wonderful, diverse Hanoverian horse and I send a big “Thank You” out to Fritz for breeding him!
From Jill Giese:
Dreamcatcher Meadows Ventures, the Pemberton BC Hanoverian stud and training center, has bred and produced the United States Dressage Federation’s 2012 multi-award winner with the highest median scores of all its competing horses – at all levels, all breeds and all ages! Ballerina DMV (Ballettmeister/Dimaggio) is the fifth embryo transfer that DMV has produced from their Verband life-time award recipient, Grand Prix foundation mare, EM Daisy Dee (competing as Dreamcatcher Elite). In 2011, Ballerina DMV was USDF Three Year Old Materiale Champion. In 2012, this four year old 17. 2 dark brown diva surpassed all dreams by achieving several scores of “10” to become Champion Material Mare 4/5 Year Old, Sunshine Perpetual Tropy recipient for overall highest Materiale scores for all 3 to 5 year olds of all breeds, and all sexes. Her under saddle performance was matched with her results in hand, becoming the 2012 Horse of the Year Mature Yeld Mare. She achieved a median 80.5% even though she did not attend the Regional Championships due to the scheduling conflict whilst she was flown to Chicago ranked in the No. 1 position for all young horses to compete in the Markel Young Horse final.
Owner Leroy “Bus” Fuller, the 83 year old founder of the Earl’s and Joey’s Restaurants chain, is thrilled with “his girl” enthusing in equine magazine interviews that he was “in awe of the commitment and performance of the DMV team” and that with sponsorship from his restaurants, would back them to Rio” should Ballerina DMV maintain her current form and be a team consideration. DMV owners and trainers John Dingle and Jill Giese During the November foal inspection and Mare Performance Test Ballerina DMV and homebred stablemates Radiance DMV (EM Daisy Dee progeny by Rotspon) (owned by Ros and Anna Scott) earned elite candidate status with younger sibling Lady of the Dance (owned by Debra and Kirsten Mitchell, also an ET from EM Daisy Dee) right behind them. Twin to Lady, Lancelot DMV (owned by Shelley Sharpe) is 2012 USDF Materiale Champion in the All Breeds under saddle with Ballerina DMV’s rider John Dingle, with mother EM Daisy Dee earning titles of Champion at Intermediare 1 and Intermediare Freestyle, and rider Jill Giese earning the accompanying rider titles. The scores of their four Hanoverians resulted in 3rd place in the USDF Dressage Breeder of the Year. Upon receiving their accolades last week in New Orleans at the USDF annual banquet, the DMV team stated: “Our competition dreams have become reality. More importantly, with the support of the Hanoverian Verband and daughter societies, our wonderful owners and staff, breeding and producing these special horses is our daily reality that seems like a dream! Our deepest gratitude to all”.


  • Reminder that the Celle Semen Order is priced at a 25% discount for Club members – Price list and Order Form under the “Forms” tab on the CHS website.
  • Club Member Ingrid Matthiessen is looking for As di Villagana semen. Please contact her at:
  • Dry Shippers: The club owns two dry shippers which are available for rent to club members at $50 per use of two weeks or less, plus all shipping charges. Contact Michael Boyd at or (416) 239-0624.
  • As this newsletter and periodic updates are sent by email, please forward any email updates to Isabelle at or call (613) 272-2301. Thank you!

The CHS Newsletter, December 2012 edition can be downloaded on Facebook under the CHS page.

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