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Southwestern Ontario Inspection Tour Results

Canadian Hanoverian Inspection Tour – Southwestern Ontario

Fine weather and beautiful horses were the order of the day throughout the first leg of the 2021 Canadian Hanoverian Society’s Inspection Tour!
The start of the first part of our tour was at Northspring Acres in Wellesley, Ontario, owned by Andrea Phillips and family. Ferdinand Haupt and Inga Hamilton inspected 3 foals of quite good quality and very interesting pedigrees.
Next in line was the beautiful facility of Bennville Equestrian located in Hagersville, Ontario and owned by the Haupt family. Judges Inga Hamilton and Ursula Hosking inspected two mares for the Main Studbook. Baillon L by Belissimo owned by Greta and Ferdi Haupt received her 1A prize and her filly by Livaldon stood out to our judges and was awarded the prestigious Gold Medal award! This filly impressed with her beautiful type along with a very correct foundation, a big, supple walk and a ground covering trot. Two mares completed their Mare Performance Test and with that Freya by Floriscount has completed the requirements for her Premium status. Three foals were also inspected in total and registered Hanoverian.
Travelling on to the Hamilton area, our judges were warmly welcomed to a new inspection site, Doc Ridge Farm. Doc Ridge, owned and operated by Paula Horton and her family, saw three top-quality foals receive glowing comments. Secret Rendezvous WHS by Secret out of a Quaterhall mare earned a Gold Medal designation. This beautiful filly was bred and owned by Naomi Williams of Williams Sport Horses. With her wonderful expression and harmonious conformation, this filly impressed not only with her trot, but also with her big, supple walk.

Secret Rendezvous WHS by Secret out of a Quaterhall mare was awarded a Gold Medal designation.

The inspection committee moved on to Broadway Farm for more Mare Inspections and Performance Tests. Broadway, located in Rockwood, Ontario and previously know as Parkwood Stables, is now owned by Jenny and Dean Broadfoot, and run by Devon Jones. At this site, 7 deserving mares were inspected and placed in the Hanoverian Main Studbook by our judges Ferdinand Haupt, Greta Haupt and Ursula Hosking. Six mares completed their Mare Performance Test with three of these mares distinguishing themselves by earning the designation “Premium Candidate”. Laura Smith’s Secret
Society, by Sir Gregory out of a Fantastico mare earned a 9 for ride ability from the test rider. The judge commented on her temperament and how she completed all tasks with a wonderful calm and steady manner. Robin Vaughn-Strait’s mare, So Secret by Secret out of Sara FTF by Sanisco was impressing everybody with her above average gaits. She earned high scores with a 9 for her canter. Only 3 years old and the youngest of the group, she showed good rideabilty. Calinda by Contendro I -Verdi, owned by David Haddock was also awarded with the Premium Candidacy. She showed very rhythmic gaits and
good rideability. A resident foal by For Romance/Fabregas, bred and owned by Ted and Elaine Parkinson, was also presented, and awarded the Gold Medal Award. This very beautiful filly convinced the judges with her good gaits and type.

Calinda by Contendro I -Verdi, owned by David Haddock and ridden by Inga Hamilton

Judges Ursula Hosking, Greta Haupt and Ferdi Haupt conferring at Parkwood Inspection









Robin Vaughn-Strait’s mare, So Secret by Secret out of Sara FTF by Sanisco ridden by Feren Llewellen

Filly by For Romance out of a Fabregas mare, bred and owned by Ted and Elaine Parkinson, was awarded the Gold Medal Award.










The final inspection site of this first leg concluded with a visit to Kathleen Richardson’s farm, Sunny Day’s Hanoverians. Greta Haupt and Inga Hamilton inspected 2 mares for the main studbook and registered 9 foals. This group of foals was of very good quality. The 2 Gold Medal foals were a black colt by Cadeau Noir/Furstenball, bred and owned by Chris Simpson. A super type equipped with a big walk and a supple rhythmic trot. The Sir Heinrich filly out of a Gold Luck mare showed the best trot of the day. This impressive, strong looking filly was bred by Kathleen Richardson and owned by Janet Konyer.


Overall, the judges were quite pleased with the quality of mares and foals presented in Southwestern Ontario. They now look forward to the next leg in the inspection tour where they will travel to the Maritime provinces along the east coast of Canada and out West to Alberta and British Columbia to enjoy Hanoverian breeding at its finest.

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