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North American Elite Foal Auction


     Hello all and welcome to the initial letter of information regarding the inaugural North American Elite Foal Auction!!

     First, we want to say Thank You for being a part of this opportunity!  This project was born as a desire from breeders and young horse enthusiasts looking for something different to market, and then hopefully sell their top quality foals.  The new appointed Board of Directors feel that there has been a great need here in the US/Canada for such an auction to display the best of the best here in this part of the world!  Below are the highlights to date for the auction.  Please feel free to email, message, specific questions regarding the information below at the listed email address.

1.   The top five foals will be offered a spot for nomination from each WBFSH registry here in the USA and Canada.   If the breeder is uninterested in participation, the next foal in line will be offered the opportunity to participate.  There will be approximately 50 foals for review.  Once all foals have been reviewed by the selection committee, the top 25 will be chosen for the initial Elite Auction.  Those that were not chosen for the initial Elite auction will have the opportunity to participate in the second round auction.  This auction is inclusive of all disciplines.

2.    A nomination fee of $250 must be submitted to the North American Elite Foal Auction (NAEFA) before presentation to selection committee.  This fee will pay for auction entry fee, marketing, and media services which will ensure all videos, photos, etc. are of professional quality for the auction platform.

3.  Vet Requirements for the selection committee will be reviewed by Dr. Julie Vargas, DVM Lexington, KY.  Upon nomination of foal, an auction packet will be sent to the owner to complete which will include a vet form to confirm or address the following:

–  DNA testing and microchipping
–  Vet Verification Form or insemination form from breeding (ET vs ICSI vs Carry)
– Stud Fees paid and foal registration completed
– Physical examination, appropriate conformation
– Any history of surgery, or ICU hospital stays to be disclosed and will be reviewed by the veterinary committee.

4.  Media Requirements:  Four sided photos, video with dam at walk, trot, and canter.  Note: samples of video/photo requirements are posted on our Facebook page:  North American Elite Foal Auction,

5.  We will utilize Barnlog as our auction platform.

6. Participating registries, NAEFA, and Barnlog will assist with marketing of the top foals.  Participating registries will also be marketed via NAEFA as well as Barnlog. To date all registries supportive and participating will be displayed on our social media pages. Please note that all breeders of registries not participating are more than welcome to participate should their foal meet the criteria.

7.  Auction date:  Late fall as Oldenburg and KWPN Keurings are the last to complete inspections. The last group of foals to be inspected/Keured will be beginning of November with announcement of selected foals to follow shortly thereafter.  Individual foal documents/media files will be sent to the Selection Committee immediately following nomination for the auction.  Exact auction date will be announced no later than May 1, 2020.

8.   Marketing will begin April 2020.  Marketing will be completed by Barnlog, NAEFA, and participating registries via social media;  FB page, Instagram, etc.  Nominated foals will be displayed as received via all marketing platforms.  Comments on foals by the Selection Committee will be shared with the individual foal owners.  The following email has been set up for questions: .  Individuals may also ask questions via FB messenger.  Various USEF groups are also supportive of our efforts so we may also have marketing opportunities with them.

     We are very excited to announce our selection committee of:  Boudewijin Schepers, Sebastian Rohdes, Matt Davis, Lauren Chumley, Otto Schalter and Peter Gray.   This is an extremely qualified and diverse group of individuals for the appropriate selection of foals from a variety of disciplines.


     The NAEFA Board of Directors consists of Kelly Hutton-Gordon, Kimmy Risser, Ann Daum Kustar, Lisa Lourie, and Julie Vargus DVM.

     We look forward to your participation!  Please let us know if you all have any questions, concerns, or thoughts upon review of this information.

Best regards,

North American Elite Foal Auction Board of Directors

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