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Newsletter – June 2016

Canadian Hanoverian Society Chairman’s Message by Michael Boyd

The year started on a very sad note with the passing of Albert Kley on January 6th and just two weeks later the passing of Ron Southern on January 21st. As we all know, Albert and Ron were fundamental in the development of breeding Hanoverians in western Canada and were a huge influence throughout our club. Our deepest sympathies go out to Judy Kley and her family and to Mrs. Southern, Linda, Nancy and all of their families.

Our annual stallion service auction was very successful again this year and I want to thank those involved in making it such a success: Kathleen Sulz, Nancy Schmidt, Kathleen Richardson and Ursula Hosking.

As you will read in this newsletter, a new award has been added this year in memory of Albert Kley for the best Dressage Foal and best Jumper Foal presented at one of our published inspection sites. As well, the CHS will publish a list of the Top Ten Foals from the inspection sites.

You will also find in this newsletter information on the Young Breeder Championships which will be held in Canada in July, 2017. We hope that there will be participation from Canadian younger breeders on the teams that will be entered by the Verband.

I wish all our members the best of luck with their new foals this year and breedings for next year.


Draft Minutes of April 2nd, 2016 – Eastern Hanoverian Breeders Club AGM & Draft Minutes of the 2016 CHS Annual Meeting

Please find the draft minutes of April 2nd. 2016 annual meeting here.


Celle Frozen Semen Order Report for 2016 by Greta Haupt

We had a very successful year with semen orders, with a large number of doses ordered. In total, we had 15 semen orders, totalling 66 doses ordered from 23 different stallions, for a total cost of $49,749 (including shipping charge and GST). Of the 15 orders, only one did not have a membership to the CHS, AHS or Canadian Warmblood Association, and therefore did not receive the member discount.

The distribution of the orders included: 4 orders from Alberta, 1 order from Saskatchewan, 1 order from Quebec, 2 orders from the USA and 7 orders from Ontario. Due to the large size of the order, to ensure we could fit all the doses we needed as well as some to expand or replenish the inventory, we filled as much of the order as possible from our current inventory, while still trying to leave a dose or two available in inventory for any future orders. Sixty doses were imported from Celle to either fill orders or to add to our inventory in Canada. Overall, there was a good mix of jumper and dressage stallions ordered, with this year’s top 5 most popular stallions based on our orders including:

1) Rotspon at 16 doses ordered, including one large order for 10 doses

2) Escudo at 7 doses ordered

3) Buckingham at 6 doses ordered

4) Diacontinus at 5 doses ordered

5) Wolkenstein II at 4 doses ordered

Currently we are waiting on the shipment to be cleared with CFIA, after which all those who have ordered will be contacted and Dr. Claire Plante will assist in sending the semen shipments out to those that ordered it. Many thanks to Mike Boyd for his guidance and assistance throughout the process of organizing this semen shipment, as it would not have been possible without his expertise.


2016 CHS Stallion Service Auction by Kathleen Richardson

This February the Canadian Hanoverian Society held its 5th annual Stallion Service Auction. Again Kathleen Sulz and Kathleen Richardson managed the process, on an auction site delivered by our US based webmaster Sandra Werkheiser. For 2017 we plan to use a different auction-platform, and this is being investigated by the Kathleens.

Again, this was the biggest money raiser for the Canadian Hanoverian Society, raising approximately $9,500, after expenses.

Of 18 offerings of fresh or frozen semen breedings, 16 had successful winning bids. Interestingly, our auction is heavily supported by our neighbours to the south. Of the 18 breedings on offer, 8 were donated by Canadian Stallion Owners; 7 were donated by US-based Stallion Owners; 3 offerings of frozen semen (no LFG) were generously donated by Celle. The successful bids were equally divided between US and Canadian breeders – 8 each.

The auction was again online; with payments delivered by PayPal (7), Mastercard (5), and VISA (4).


The CHS Top Ten Foals Award and The Albert Kley Top Foal Awards

The Canadian Hanoverian Society is sponsoring new awards to celebrate the “Top Ten Foals” nationwide, for each breeding season, with the best dressage bred foal and the best jumper bred foal from among these top ten being honoured with the Albert Kley Top Foal Award, a memorial tribute to Albert Kley, who loved our Hanoverian foals, and who passionately supported Hanoverian breeding in Canada for four decades.

The Awards will recognize the top ten foals presented at the published inspection sites during the Annual Inspection Tour, as judged by our guest judge from the German Hanoverian Verband. As at all official Foal Inspections, the foals will be judged on the triangle with their dams, for conformation, type and movement.

The Award will not involve numerical scoring. Each of the “Top Ten” will be listed alphabetically in relevant publicity and communications, by name, presenting also the Breeder’s name and the names of the Sire and the Dam’s Sire. The winners of the Albert Kley Top Jumper Foal and Top Dressage Foal Awards will receive engraved pewter plates just as awarded for the Fritz Floto Awards for the top scoring dressage mare and jumper mare in the Mare Performance Test. Each Top Ten Foals Award winner will receive a Certificate of Award.


Opportunity to X-Ray Young Horses and Grading of Radiography in Germany

In late 2012 the Eastern Breeders Club arranged for members who were interested to have horses x-rayed by Dr. Chris Gaul with the radiographs sent to Dr. Gerd Brunken in Germany for grading. We had 13 horses x-rayed at that time.

The club is offering this opportunity again. Dr. Gaul or a veterinarian on his staff will visit farms within a one hour drive of his clinic in Campbellville, Ontario so long as he can x-ray two or more horses. We recommend the horses be from 3 to 6 years of age. In Germany a standard x-ray examination is four x-rays of each leg and foot for 16 x-rays to be taken in total. These radiographs will be sent to Germany and graded by a prominent German equine veterinarian, Dr. Gerd Brunken. Dr. Brunken will grade the x-rays according to the German system and provide his gradings.

The total cost to have the x-rays taken and reviewed by Br. Brunken will be $450.00 per horse. The only additional fee would be if any horse needed some tranquilizer to be radiographed properly in which case Dr. Gaul would charge $40.00 for this.

If you are interested in having any of your horses x-rayed could you please respond to Michael Boyd either by phone at (416) 239-0624 or by email at by June 30, 2016 with the following information:

* The number of horses you will have x-rayed

* Are you willing to host this if there are two or more horses that will come to your farm?

* Your email address for me to follow-up.

Once we have heard from the breeders who want to participate I will get back in contact with everyone to arrange for dates and places and ask for payment to be sent.

This service will provide our breeders with a baseline set of x-rays for these young horses at a very reasonable cost and the grading from Dr. Brunken.


WBFSH World Championships for Young Breeders: Calgary, Alberta 2017

It now looks certain that the Young Breeders Championship will be held in Canada on July 20-22, 2017 at Spruce Meadows near Calgary, Alberta.

The Young Breeders Championship is sponsored by the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses and is held every two years and has always been held in Europe, the last one in 2015 was in England. Teams of three or four compete in two age groups, from 16 to19 years old and from 20 to 25 years old.

The regulations for this competition can be found at the following website: The four main components of the competition are: Theory, Judging of Confirmation, Judging of Free Jumping and Presenting a Horse.

The Verband has done exceptionally well at these competitions and will be sending two teams. Canadian young breeders will have to qualify for one or two positions on each age group team.

Any interested young breeders should contact Michael Boyd as soon as possible. By telephone at (416) 239-0624 or by email at:

The American Hanoverian Society will be entering teams and they are having a summer training camp to which Canadian young breeders are welcome to attend. This camp will be held at Hawk Hollow Farm which is located about an hour south of Syracuse, N.Y. Arrival will be on July 2, 2016 and the camp will be from July 3-7th. The cost will be U.S.$125 for the camp plus transportation costs. The Canadian Hanoverian Society, the Eastern Breeders Club and the Western Breeders Club will pay half the costs for any young breeder to attend this camp. It is highly recommended that any young breeder wanting to qualify for the Verband teams attend this training camp.


News about Club Members:

Dreamcatcher Meadows: captured another major equestrian sport title, declared 2015 Champion Adequan/USDF Sporthorse Breeders of the Year – for the third year in a row! The impressive number of individual 2015 Horse of the Year titles earned by their homebred and trained horses resulted in this overall accolade. Three Year old D-Trix DMV was overall 3 year old champion Material and his four year old full brother Leopold DMV was not only Horse of the Year for his age but winner of Sunshine Sporthorse trophy winner for highest over scoring champion (median 87.1%)

A further surprise honour was presented by Dr. Ludwig Christmann, International Director of the Hannoveraner Verband, travelling from Verden, Germany to these elite equestrian awards in Las Vegas, to present both the owners of the hard-working farm and its primary sponsors, with state society certificates of recognition or “Ehrenurkunde”, signed by the President, recognizing the exceptional contribution of both recipients to sport horse breeding and competition with their Hanoverian breed horses.

John Dingle and Jill Giese, co-founders of the idyllic mountain valley farm, together with a team of dedicated staff, have devoted, the past twelve years to turning a run-down cattle ranch into aptly named

Dreamcatcher Meadows, ultimately providing horse services “from conception to competition”. The pair attribute their meteoric success the efforts of a unique team. Staff includes animal lovers from around the world and residential teens seeking stability through caring for the variety of farm animals, including the Girls Club, a herd of rehomed female horses who get a second career by giving birth to embryos transferred from the “DMV” prize dressage competition mares. Essential team-members are the corporate sponsors, with, Leroy “Bus” Fuller and family (awarded Ehrenurkunde) Vancouver Bullion and Currency Exchange President, Tony Ma and Equimat North America. The sponsors support the farm initiatives by purchasing DMV bred talent, all of which earned champion titles declared at this gala (eg. Ballerina DMV and Lordsley DMV). Dreamcatcher Meadows now seeks future residential pupils and sponsors to catch their ultimate dream – breeding a future Olympic partnership.

Our ambitious webmaster and club member Jessica Lauzon has had some terribly unfortunate breeding tragedies this spring. For those of you interested in helping her family recover, please refer to the following link:



Notification of foaling – Please confirm the births of your foals by filling in the Notification of Foaling document, which was mailed to members who submitted a Breeding Certificate to the Verband; or do so online at

Mare Activations and Mare Dues: Each year HV members have until November 15th to alert the Verband ( if they are cancelling a mare for the subsequent breeding season, or activating a broodmare under their Membership umbrella. If a mare is not cancelled by the end of 2015, the Verband assumes she will again be active, and will bill you for that mare’s dues, when your statement for Annual Dues is sent in Jan / Feb.

Horse ads on the CHS website (under “Marketplace”): A reminder that the website offers breeders a chance to submit free sales ads for their Hanoverian horses / foals. Use the “How to Place a Listing” app under the “Marketplace” tab.

Dry Shippers: The club owns two dry shippers which are available for rent to club members at $50 per use of two weeks or less, plus all shipping charges. Contact Michael Boyd at or (416) 239-0624.

As this newsletter and periodic updates are sent by email, please forward your updated email address to Isabelle at or call (613) 272-2301. Thank you!

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