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Letter from Dr.Ludwig Christmann


Dear Canadian Hanoverian breeders,

(…)  I would like to inform you about some important changes, some of which will also have an effect on breeding Hanoverians in Canada.


Rhineland studbook:

Still a major topic is the integration of the Rhineland studbook into the Hannoveraner Verband. This studbook is more open and liberal than the Hannoveraner studbook and gives more breeders the possibility to join Hannoveraner Verband and the Canadian Hanoverian Society.


Stallion performance testing:

Together with all sport horse breed societies in Germany, the German Equestrian Federation has made some significant changes to the model of stallion performance testing. The motto is “shorter, more adapted to the requirements of sport, more specific as regards disciplines”.

One major change is, that a provisional license for an untested 3yo stallion cannot be granted anymore. To get this license, a stallion has to pass a so-called suitability test, which has been shortened from 30 days to 14 days. This test is offered in spring, so that a stallion has the chance to be used for breeding in the same year. The format of this test is identical for dressage horses, jumping horses and eventing horses. The three basic gaits, rideability and free jumping will be evaluated. The passing score for this test will be a total score of 7.5 or an average of 8 in either the criteria related to dressage or jumping.

There are three options to get final approval after the 14-day-test:

  1. The classical station test. This test has been reduced from a 70-day-testto a 50-day-test. There are different testing requirements for dressage and jumping stallions. The testing groups will also be specialized either for dressage or jumping. The passing score will be a final score of 7.8 related to dressage or jumping.
  2. A new element this year is the three-day competition test for licensed four- and five-year-old stallions. These tests will be divided into the three groups dressage, jumping and eventing. Stallions have to pass this competition test twice. The first time will be as a four-year-old at the beginning of the year. If a stallion passes with a minimum score of 7.5 he gets a provisional breeding license for this year. At the age of five he has to do a second test. If he passes with a minimum score of 7.5 he will get his final breeding license. Requirements for five-year-old stallions will be higher than for four-year-old stallions. As an equivalent to the competition test a stallion may qualify for the Bundeschampionate in Germany as a five- or six-year-old in addition to the 14-day-test.
  3. The third road is a competition record of sport stallions at advanced level either in dressage, show jumping or eventing.

Discussions have started how to implement this new model of the performance test in North America.


Linear scoring:

Another big project is linear scoring. It isa very flexible system. There are more traits, which are described instead of being evaluated. It will not replace the previous scoring system right away, but will be an addition and should be helpful to breeders to better understand the scores. We already did the first tests last year and will continue this in the 2016 season. We are working at a technical solution on a mobile base to record the data. This system will also be applied to mare inspections in Canada and it will be explained when being used.


Changes in our auction system:

There will be some interesting changes at two of our auctions this year. The riding horse and foal auction on July 16 and our big foal and broodmare auction will for the first time be combined with horse shows. The July auction will be embedded into the Lower Saxony state championships for dressage, show jumping and eventing from July 13 — 17. The foal and broodmare auction will be offered during the International Dressage and Show Jumping Festival from August 3 — 7. Besides exciting classes for dressage and jumping horses there will also be the Herwart von der Decken-Show (August 3), our central mare show for the best three-year-oid mares at the same show. The combination of auctions with equestrian sports will be a very interesting project and we hope to attract many visitors.

We would like to welcome many Canadian Hanoverian breeders to these events and to our Breed Orientation Course. This year this course will be offered from June 20 — 25. The main focus this year will be on mare shows. We will visit some very interesting mare shows, but also many breeders and stallion stations, including the state stud Celle and combine this with lectures on the breeding programme and the judging of horses.

I would now like to with everybody a good breeding season,


Ludwig Christmann

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