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Inspection Process and Dates for 2013

Inspection Process and Dates for 2013

Western Canada

Entries for all sites go to Judy Kley, email  Ph. (403) 931-4886

Deadlines British Columbia and Manitoba: July 8

Deadline Spruce Meadows: August 19

July 28: Dreamscape Farm, Langley, B.C.

7307 Telegraph Trail
Langley, BC, V1M 2M2

Information: Jennifer and Armin Arnoldt, email ph (604)881 6038,

July 29 : Dreamcatcher Meadows, Pemberton, BC

9114 Pemberton Meadows Rd.

Pemberton, B.C. V0N 2L2

Information : Jill Giese, email, ph (604) 894-6819,

 July 31: Crooked Creek & Woodhaven Farms, Neepawa Manitoba

Please email for directions

Kathleen Sulz at email: Ph: (204) 368-2304 


Nancy Schmidt at email: Ph : (204) 476-2547

 September 4-5: Spruce Meadows and Teradan Farms

Information:Judy Kley, email:  Ph. (403) 931-4886

Eastern Canada

Entries for all sites go to your host inspection site

Deadline PEI: August 19

Deadlines Ontario shows: August 19

 September 10: Prince Edward Island

Crapaud Agriplex, 20569 Trans Canada Highway, PEI

Entries and information: Ruth A. Hanselpacker, email , ph. (902)-940-7516

September 12-13: Southlane Farm, Vankleek Hill, Ontario

2875 Barb Road

Vankleek Hill, Ontario K0B 1R0

Information : Joe and Louise Palmer, Email Ph: (613) 674-3209

September 14-15: Parkwood Stables, Rockwood, Ontario

R.R. 3, 5712 4th Line, Rockwood, Ontario N0B 2K0

Information: Ted and Elaine Parkinson, email: Ph:(519) 856-4319

Stallion licensing will take place during the AHS inspections of the American Hanoverian Society (AHS) at the following locations:
July 20/21: Hilltop Farm, Maryland

July 25: Rainbow Equus Meadows, California
December 8: Silver Creek farm Oklahoma

Please send applications for stallion licensing to the American Hanoverian Society

4067 Iron Works Parkway, Suite 1, Lexington, Kentucky 40511

Ph: (859) 255-4141 fax: (859) 255-8467 Email:

It is possible to have two year old stallions evaluated at Calgary, PEI, Vankleek Hill and Rockwood. Prior arrangements should be made with the site hosts as to when the stallion can be evaluated by the judges and for stabling arrangements, if required. This preliminary evaluation would be valuable to the breeder/owner to have as a precursor to deciding if it is advisable to send the stallion to the stallion licensing locations described later on.

2013 Inspection Information

In order to have a foal registered, a mare inspected or performance tested and to participate in the mare shows you must be a member of the Hannoveraner Verband and either the Hanoverian Breeders Club of Eastern Canada or the Hanoverian Breeding Club of Western Canada.

If you require stabling please contact the hosts for each site directly to reserve stalls.  

 Applications for the Parkwood Stables and Southlane Farm Inspections should be sent directly to the respective host inspection sites. As in previous years, applications for inspections in Western Canada (British Columbia; Alberta; and Manitoba) should be sent to Judy Kley. Please refer to the entry form found at the end of the newsletter.

Applications received after the set deadlines, if accepted, are subject to a $50 per horse late fee.

 Photography: Mary White from Lone Oak Equine Photography www.loneoakequinephoto.comwill be taking picturing for the 2 Eastern Canadian Club inspection sites to be held at Southlane Farm and Parkwood Stables.



Foals are eligible by approved stallions which have been entered into the stud book – stallion division – of the Hannoveraner Verband e.V. in the 2012 or 2013 breeding season and out of mares which have been entered into a division of the HV studbook. The foals must be presented together with their dams. 

Don’t forget to bring the Abfohlmeldung with you and the original pedigree papers of the mother of your foal. 

The Fee for Foal passports is $195.00, the branding fee of foals is $15.00, DNA test (mandatory) $ 50.


Every Mare in the Hanoverian breeding programme needs to pass a mare inspection. The minimum age is three years, there is no age limit.  The following mares are eligible: 

Hanoverian and Hessian mares:

  • need a valid four generation pedigree for the main-stud-book

  • need a minimum total score of 6 and no subscore below 5 at the stud book inspection 

Non Hanoverian mares: 

1. Thoroughbred mares; Arab mares; Anglo-Arab mares can be accepted into the studbook if the following criteria are met: Minimum total score of 7 in the studbook inspection with no subscore below 5 and a trot score of 7. They can upgrade into the main stud book with a performance record in dressage, show jumping or eventing or a good mare performance test. A trot score below 7 can be compensated through such a good performance record. Of course they need approved papers. 

    1. Warmblood mares need to qualify for main-stud-book. The following criteria are to be met:

  • 4 generations of approved populations

  • both, sire and dam must be entered into the studbook of a breed society whose breeding programme is approved.

  • papers from a breed society whose registration system is approved.

  • Grading requirements:studbook inspection with a minimum total score of 7 and no subscore below 5.

Pedigrees of non Hanoverian mares should be forwarded to the Verband´s office in Verden for approval prior to the inspections.

Schedule of fees in Canada 2013 (all Can. $)

Entrance fees       

  1. for new active members        350.00
  2. for new passive members       60.00

Studbook inspection fees      

  1. for three-year-old Hanoverian main/studbook mares    100.00
  2. for older Hanoverian main/studbook mares              120.00
  3. for non Hanoverian main/studbook mares              200.00

Mare Performance Test fee 60.00 (+$40 to the Canadian club)

Mare Show entry fee 20.00

You do not have to send payment with your entry form. Payment will be taken at each inspection site.

Please don´t forget the mares original pedigree papers!

We ask all participants to arrive at the inspection site at least half an hour before the beginning.


Mare performance test are planned this year at prince Edward Island, Parkwood Stables, Southlane Farm, Spruce Meadows

Eligible are three year old and older mares who are entered in the main stud book or who are eligible for such an entry. Mare tests will be held if at least 3 mares are nominated for the test. The mare test fee is $60.00.


 Mare shows are planned this year at Prince Edward Island, Parkwood Stables, Southlane Farm and Spruce Meadows. They will, however, only be conducted if there are enough entries.

Mare show classes:

  1. Two year old Hanoverian mares who fulfill the pedigree requirements for main main stud book. 

  2. Three year old Hanoverian main stud book mares.

  3. Four year old Hanoverian main stud book mares.

  4. Five year and older Hanoverian main stud book mares (this class might be divided according to the number of entries).


At the mare shows, a mare can obtain the title of an “Elite Mare Candidate”. This is the equivalent to the title “Staatsprämienstute” which can only be awarded in Germany.

Regulations for the award of the title of an „Elite Mare“ in Canada

  1. The mare must either carry the Canadian Hanoverian hip brand or the brand of the Verband or the brand of another approved Hanoverian society and must be entered into the main studbook.
  2.  Her dam must be entered into the main studbook.
  3. The mare must have passed her mare performance test at the age of five at the latest with the following results:

Average “gaits”  

Average “rideability”  

Average “jumping”

Versatile mares




Dressage-talented mares



Jumping talented mares



  1. The title is awarded to three- or four-year-old mares. On principle the title is awarded at an official mare show by the respective judges commission. The mares are graded and – by analogy with the proceeding in Germany – classified into Ia and I. If no mare show takes place in a region then the title is awarded at a studbook inspection where two official judges are present.

  1. The mare must not be a roarer. The veterinary examination on this fault must be carried out in the year in which the title is awarded. The respective veterinary surgeons are designated in co-operation with the VhW.

6. The mare must give birth to a live foal which is registered with the Verband. The mare is recorded as Elite Mare Candidate as long as she has not fulfilled this requirement. If the mare does not give birth to a live foal she is not awarded the title and no financial or any other grants (see point 7/8) are given.

  1. State’s Premium Candidates which are imported from Germany will receive the full title of a State’s Premium Mare if they give birth to a foal in Canada and fulfill all the other Verband requirements.

8. The owners of Elite Mares and Elite Mare Candidates respectively can be paid a premium by the two Canadian horse breeding clubs. The horse breeding clubs themselves are responsible for the provision of the necessary funds and the way in which payment is effected.

 9. The title Elite Mare is noted down on the pedigree paper and is recorded as part of the name of the mare as soon as all the requirements (also concerning the foal) have been met. The abbreviations are EM. and EM-CA. 


 Two year old and older Hanoverian stallions, whose dams and dams’ mothers are main stud book mares. Their sires and the sires of their five female ancestors in the direct dam lines must belong to approved populations and fulfill the registration requirements of the Verband. 

Important: Stallions which are five years old and older must already be performance tested before presentation. 

Non Hanoverians stallions need to meet the performance criteria before being presented. Please inquire further details at the Verband´s office.


The stallions will be judged in hand, in loose running and free jumping, three-year-old and older stallions need to be presented under saddle. Criteria are conformation, gaits and free jumping in an indoor arena.

A veterinary examination including x-rays has to be made in advance (forms can be ordered from the AHS office).


Applications for stallion licensing must be made to the office of the American Hanoverian Society. The original pedigree paper must be enclosed to the application. A fee of US$500.00 per stallion will be charged.  


Application for stud book inspection / mare performance test / foal registration / stallion licensing

I will present the following horses(s) to the inspection / registration at:

PLACE: _________________________________________ DATE: _______________________

Registration No. and

Choice of name for Mare

Or Foal

Name of


Name and Registration Number

Of the Dam


Registration & date of birth foal

Studbook Inspection




Mare Show






















Name: ____________________________________ # ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ph: ( ) _____ – _______

(membership Number) fax: ( ) _____ – _______

Address: ______________________________________________________


________________________________________________ Email: ______________ ___

Date: ____________________ Signature: _______________________________________



For all horses in Eastern Canada please send to your host inspection site.

Deadline PEI: July 8

Deadlines Ontario shows: August 19

For all horses in Western Canada please send to:

Judy Kley Box 17, Site 33, R.R. 8, Calgary, Alberta T2J 2T9 Ph: (403) 931-4886 or email:

Deadlines British Columbia and Manitoba: July 8

Deadline Spruce Meadows: August 19

 Please note that applications received after the deadline are now subject to a 50 per horse late fee.   For stallion licensing, please contact AHS directly.

Entry form 2013

Inspection Process Dates and Application Form for 2013

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