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Hanoverian Breed Orientation Course – Now in North America

Thirty participants traveled from throughout the United States and Canada to attend the 2009 Breed Orientation Course that was held in Sacramento, Calif.

Have you always wanted to attend the Breed Orientation Course in Germany, but were limited by time and resources? Here is your opportunity to do so in North America.

The first German course was organized in 1986 and has proven to be an excellent opportunity to acquaint friends and breeders of the Hanoverian horse with our breeding program and our method of selection.

The American Hanoverian Society (AHS) will present the highly successful “All About Hanoverians” seminar for the second time. The session will cover the same topics as the Verband’s Orientation Course, but is modified to reflect AHS goals and North American breeding stock.

The 2011 seminar is scheduled for November 4-9, 2011, in the New England area. The course will cover the following topics over five days:

  • History of the Hanoverian horse, the breeding aim, selection and breeding rules
  • Theory for evaluating horses, including description of traits, desirable and not desirable
  • Practical judging of horses in-hand, under saddle, and free jumping
  • A thorough discussion of bloodlines, new and old
  • Visits to breeding farms to study horses

Each day will begin with a classroom lecture followed by lunch. After lunch the group will visit one to two farms per day.

The seminar is limited to 30 attendees, and was sold out in 2009. Those who participated had many positive remarks about the course. An attendee stated, “I do not know how to thank you enough for a wonderful seminar! I am so excited by all that I have learned… It was such a pleasure to be surrounded by such an enthusiastic group.”

Another Hanoverian enthusiast commented, “I enjoyed the Hanoverian Breed Orientation more than I imagined I would. The topics, the farm visits, the lunches and the camaraderie were outstanding.”

Spaces are filled on a first come, first served basis. The “All About Hanoverians” seminar is open to all those who are interested. The fee for AHS or Hannoveraner Verband members is $450 ($525 for non-members), in addition to travel and hotel expenses. A welcome dinner and lunches will be included. Please contact the AHS office at (859) 255-4141 or email by July 31, 2011 if you plan to attend.

This is an exciting, fun-filled week to meet new friends and learn about the wonderful Hanoverian horse. Please join us!

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