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December 2020 Newsletter

pastedGraphic.png                       CANADIAN HANOVERIAN SOCIETY NEWSLETTER

Marjorie Haus Chairperson, CHS

Michael Boyd Past-Chairman, CHS


George von Platen, President Hanoverian Breeders Club of Western Canada

Vice President: Barbara Beckman (Manitoba)

Secretary-Treasurer: Glenys von Platen (Alberta)   

Directors: John Dingle (British Columbia)

Matthew von Platen (Alberta)


Inga Hamilton, President Hanoverian Breeders Club of Eastern Canada

Vice-President: Ruth Hanselpacker (Maritime region)

Secretary/Treasurer: Ursula Hosking (Ontario West)

Directors: Louise Masek (Ontario West)

Greta Haupt (Ontario West)

Marjorie Haus (Ontario West)

Lynda Tetreault (Quebec)

CHS Newsletter:  Isabelle Schmid

CHS Website:  Meagan von Platen

December 6, 2020     


In this Issue:

Canadian Hanoverian Society Chairperson’s Message by Marjorie Haus

Hanoverian Breeders Club of Eastern Canada President’s Message by Inga Hamilton

Hanoverian Breeders Club of Western Canada President’s Message by George van Platen

Message from the Hannoveraner Verband by Dr. Ludwig Christmann

Information for ordering frozen semen from the Celle National State Stud by Greta Haupt


attach: CHS Celle Frozen Semen order form 2021

Canadian Hanoverian Society Chairperson’s Message by Marjorie Haus

Dear friends and fellow breeders of the Hanoverian and Rhineland horse,

It is my sincere hope that you and your loved ones are staying safe and healthy as this pandemic year of 2020 draws to a close.  We are often told not to live in the past; to look forward to the future with arms open wide.  Never before has that sage advice seemed so relevant!  However, since this is an “end of year” newsletter, I hope you will indulge me this one time as I sum up events of the past year.  There are many people to thank and good news to share.   Moreover, in looking back, you will notice we have a lot to celebrate and much to look forward to in the year of 2021!

To begin, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to each and every one of you for your kind understanding and cooperation during the past spring and summer months.  I know the cancellation of our Inspection Tour was disappointing to all.  Thank you for stepping up and making your time available to graciously welcome our inspectors to your farms.  From the many comments made by our judges, the quality of this year’s young Hanoverian horses did not disappoint.  Each club president will address this topic at greater length in the newsletter, however, I personally want to extend a hearty thanks to you.

Speaking of gratitude, I would like to formally thank those inspectors – Inga Hamilton, George von Platen and Ursula Hosking.  If not for the dedication of these few individuals, the majority of the work inspecting your horses would not have been completed this year.  Whether fielding member’s calls or setting up appointments for inspections, these individuals went above and beyond their duty to inspect your horses.  Much time and dedication went into making our “modified inspection” work.  To each of these individuals, I extend my thanks.

On another note, I would like to extend a warm CHS congratulations to Monika Meyer, secretary of the International Breeding Department of the Hanoverian Verband on her retirement.  You may know Monika from her hard work organizing the annual Breeder Orientation Courses in Germany.  Monika will continue to work part time until the end of March and says to all Canadian Hanoverians, “I will miss you terribly, because I loved my work very much and I was especially happy to meet so many great people. On the other hand, I am looking forward to being able to freely organize my time after the transition period until the end of March.”  It is with heartfelt congratulations we wish Monika all the best in future endeavours.

Mare owners have already started making their breeding plans for 2021 and there are many exciting ways we, the CHS can provide assistance.  First, with the help of Eastern Club member Chris Simpson, the Society is already planning this year’s Stallion Service Auction.  I welcome Chris to the fold as he undertakes this initiative. Please stay tuned as the stallion lots are advertised on our website and Facebook page and please participate if something proves intriguing to you.  Further, Celle sales are off to a fresh start.  While in communication with Greta Haupt and Dr Claire Plante, I have been notified that orders from our Celle inventory are already being purchased in preparation for the upcoming breeding season!  I will let Greta speak to this topic in the newsletter, however, I invite you to check out the many fine stallions we have available to you.  Speaking of fine stallions and the up-coming breeding season, you may want to consider buying local by purchasing a service from one of the remarkable stallions stationed here in Canada.  We have some truly wonderful stallions and I encourage you to check out the Stallion Directory on the Canadian Hanoverian Society website for further information.  Our Canadian boys will not disappoint!

With the planning for the fast-approaching breeding season, and waiting for the arrival of the first foals, there is a lot to look forward to in 2021!  My friends, I wish you and your families all the best as we enter the holiday season, and hope you remain in good health and good cheer.

Hanoverian Breeders Club of Eastern Canada President’s Message by Inga Hamilton

Dear breeders and friends!

I have, for the most part, completed the inspections for this year. Ursula Hosking and I went together on a farm inspection tour and visited many of you. We were impressed with the quality of the foals! It was too bad that we could not hand out Gold Medal Foal awards – be assured; we would have handed out quite a few!  I have made many farm visits on weekends as well. Altogether we have inspected well over 50 foals and quite a few mares with foals at their side.  Breeders in the Maritimes, as well as a few breeders in Quebec and Ontario have registered their foals with a veterinarian using micro-chipping and photos. I realize that this was very new to everybody and perhaps, a little complicated. Thank you for taking the time to do so.  The majority of the paperwork for foal and mare inspections had been sent to Germany in September but unfortunately the shipment was held up in Germany and subsequently returned to me.  This is the reason why your cheques and credit card payments have not been processed yet.  Hopefully the paperwork will reach the Verband on our second attempt!

We are of course, hoping to be back to a more normal lifestyle in 2021. We will have our Eastern Annual General Meeting in the spring.  If we are unable to hold it in-person, we hold it as a Zoom meeting.  We postponed our elections until 2021, so please send in any submissions for a board position to me at:

Lets cross our fingers for our inspection tour next year.

I would like to wish you all the best and health to humans and horses!

Hanoverian Breeders Club of Western Canada President’s Message by George von Platen

Hello everyone,

Our year is coming to an end.  The beginning of the summer was quite difficult with cold and rainy weather.  But when it finally smartened up, a lot of nice feed was harvested. Luckily, our fall was amazing! As in the past few years, our weather seemed to go from summer right into winter.  This allowed everyone to obtain a good feed supply for our long winter.

As you know, due to the COVID pandemic, we had no formal inspections, and no German representatives able to participate. This resulted in the CHS doing our own thing, which I believe, worked quite well.  I drove many kilometres!  I spent 3 days in southern Alberta doing inspections and then took the Cowboy Trail from Pincher Creek to Calgary. The scenery on the Cowboy Trail in the morning was just fantastic!  If you ever get the chance, I highly recommend taking that drive!

pastedGraphic_1.png  pastedGraphic_2.png pastedGraphic_3.png
                       The Cowboy Trail, A.B. near Smithers, B.C. Mount Robson, B.C.                                                                

After that, my wife Glenys and my Grandson George joined me on the trip to northern Alberta where we visited three farms and saw a Bull Moose on our way. We finished our fall farm work after that and then prepared for our trip to northern British Columbia. It turned out to be a six day round trip. My wife traveled with me once again.  It is fascinating country, beautiful mountains and valleys and a lot of wildlife.  We had hoped to see bears, but had no luck.


Roxy Schippers, Glenys & George von Platen and Ronja Schippers.  Smithers, BC

PC: by Nina von Seydlitz 

I have a few horses left to inspect but they are all close to me.  Overall, it went well, and I think the breeders were happy that we made the effort to do what we did in these difficult times. I have seen some really nice foals and young mares.  Our breeders can be proud of what they bred!

I hope you all are well and stay safe.  Have a blessed holiday season and a happy New Year.

**Please note that the Western Annual General meeting will also take place this spring, if unable to meet in-person, it will be held as a zoom meeting**

Message from the Hannoveraner Verband   by Dr. Ludwig Christmann

Dear Hanoverian breeders in Canada,

2020 was a crazy year dominated by the Corona virus pandemic. We very much regret that for this reason and for the first time in over 30 years, we were unable to send a representative from Germany to Canada for the registration trip. We are happy and grateful that the Canadian Hanoverian Society stepped into the breach and together with our registration agents made it possible for your mares to be inspected and your foals to be registered. Special thanks go to Marjorie Haus, who had a great challenge in her first year as chairperson, as well as to Inga Hamilton and Ursula Hosking in Eastern Canada and Georg von Platen in the West, who travelled thousands of kilometers to register your horses.  Especially in this crisis, the international Hanoverian network that we have built up over the past while, has proven its worth in other countries as well.   In Germany we too were forced by the crisis to find new ways, to try out new things that will help us in the future. Here I’m thinking above all of marketing, where online auctions have finally prevailed this year. For the first time we also held online auctions for international breeders and we intend to continue on this path.  But 2020 was a special year for the Hanoverian Association not only because of pandemic but it also stood for a huge structural and personnel change in the association’s management.  Over the past two years, a structural commission has been busy reforming the honorary structure of the Verband. These proposals were approved by our Assembly of Delegates, the highest body, and the new committees were elected on August 24.  These are the key points:

  • The board of directors is now called Presidium and was reduced from 18 persons to 6 persons
  • Each of these members of the Pesidium except the president is responsible for one of the following departments: breeding dressage, breeding show jumping and eventing, breeder’s loyalty (members of this body are all chairmen of the district associations who were formerly members of the board), marketing as well as finance and personnel. Permanent committees have been established for each of these topics, which are chaired by the respective member of the board.
  • The Supervisory Board, which was established alongside the Presidium, is a completely new body.  It is headed by Ernestine Zwingmann who is a business consultant, specializing in human resources and organizational development.

This restructuring was a huge step for the Hannoveraner Verband and has allowed for many new people to be integrated into the voluntary work of the Association. There is a lot of know-how and many talents are represented in our membership, both with regard to horse-specific matters and management issues. With these new committees we have succeeded in integrating this know-how into the work of the Hanoverian Association.  In issue 11/2020 of “Der Hannoveraner” the members of all new committees were introduced in words and pictures. You received the digital English version of it a few days ago together with our newsletter. In this digital version of the magazine you will also find an interview with our new chairman Hinni Lührs-Behnke. He comes from an old, successful breeder family from Verden and grew up with the Hanoverian horse.

I thank you for your loyalty to the Hanoverian horse and hope that you will get through this difficult time in good health.  And, we sincerely hope that we can visit you from Germany again next year.

Celle Semen Orders Summary 2019 to 2020 by Greta Haupt

Not having had an annual meeting this past spring due to the pandemic, I have been behind in updating the membership on our Celle Semen sales. At our last annual meeting in 2019, an update was given regarding the winter orders from Celle for that year. Following that, in spring and summer of 2019, we had an additional 23 doses sold from inventory from 11 individuals, for a total of $13,832 in sales (before GST and Shipping Charges). Stallions ordered were predominately jumper stallions. All orders were by CHS/ AHS members and received the discounted member rates. 

In winter 2020 we once again placed an order for doses with Celle, and received orders from 9 individuals, with a total of 27 doses ordered, and a total of $17,784 in sales (before GST and Shipping Charge). Most doses that were ordered were brought over in our shipment from Germany, while a few were filled from our inventory. Orders were predominately from Canadian members, but a couple of AHS members ordered from us as well. All orders received the member discounted price. Stallions ordered at this time were predominately dressage stallions. Despite some challenges along the way with changes to CFIA paperwork, our shipment arrived in good time and was luckily unaffected by COVID shutdowns, as those were beginning to take effect at time of importing our dry shipper in mid-March. 

In spring and summer 2020 an additional 24 doses were sold from our inventory. Several people ordering from inventory in late spring mentioned they were making some last minute decisions to breed given that the show season looked questionable due to COVID 19. Orders came from 14 individuals and a total of $18,772 was made in sales (before GST and Shipping Charges). All orders were either from existing AHS or CHS members, or the buyer became a member of our Canadian club so as to obtain the member discounted rate. Stallions sold were approximately half jumper and half dressage-bred stallions. 

Looking forward, we expect to see a new price list from Celle before the end of the year for the 2021 breeding season, and our own price list will be updated accordingly. Our order deadline for 2021 will be January 23rd, 2021. After this date, orders for doses will only be filled from our existing inventory. More details and instructions of how to place an order and the order form for 2021 can be found in this newsletter, as well as accessed on the Canadian Hanoverians website in the future under the “Ordering Frozen” tab at the top of the homepage. I look forward to our next foaling & breeding season.

Information for ordering frozen semen from the Celle National State Stud

The Canadian Hanoverian Society is the exclusive distributor in Canada for frozen semen available for export by the Celle National State Stud (Landgestüt Celle).  If you intend to order frozen semen from Celle please follow the instructions below and make sure that your order form and payment is received by no later than January 23, 2021.    

Members of the Canadian Hanoverian Society, the American Hanoverian Society and the Canadian Warmblood Breeders Association receive a 15% discount from list price.  After January 23, 2021 orders will only be filled from an inventory of selected stallions that we have on hand.  The list of stallions and prices, available from the Celle export list and in our inventory, is on the CHS website under “Ordering Frozen” and will be updated once we have placed and received our new inventory order with Celle.  

A new list of stallions available for export from Celle should be posted on their website mid December, 2020.  Below are the instructions for accessing this list.  Ordering information, an order form and the CHS price list is also posted on the CHS website, under “Ordering Frozen”.  All prices are in Canadian dollars and payment is due in Canadian dollars.        

The list on the Celle website is currently dated October 28, 2020.  We will monitor this list for any updates before the end of 2020 and adjust our price list accordingly to match any changes that may be made by Celle. Please wait at least until after mid-December to place your order with us, in case Celle makes changes to their pricing in the meantime. 


Following are the instructions for accessing the list of available stallions on the Celle website:

Go to the website:

Click on: the UK flag to get to the English web pages,

Put the cursor on Breeding,

Click on: Frozen Semen, 

Click on: price list as pdf-download 

This brings up the list of stallions available for export.  You can order all of these stallions except those that are marked:

  • Only throughout the EU
  • Not for Canada and the US
  • Only National

Frozen semen from these stallions is packaged in a breeding dose usually containing 3, 4 or 8 pipettes (straws) of 0.5 ml each, although a few stallions are packaged with a different number of straws.  Every order is filled with the exact number of straws per breeding dose as shipped from Celle.      

Payment must reach Greta Haupt by January 23, 2021 for orders from the Celle list. Send your order form and cheque, bank draft or money order payable to the Canadian Hanoverian Society for the total amount.  If paying by VISA or Mastercard please fill in the card number and expiry date on the order form and you can scan the order form and email it to Greta, or if you would like us to contact you for credit card information please write this on the order form and we will call you for this information. Payment can also be accepted by etransfer of funds to

 The order will then be placed with Celle, we arrange an Import Permit with CFIA for the shipment, and dry shippers are sent to the State Stud.  The shipment should arrive and, once cleared by CFIA, be available by late March or early April. Once you have been notified that the shipment has been cleared, we ask that you pick-up or arrange to have your order shipped within 30 days.    

We use Dr. Claire Plante DVM to store and ship the semen.  Her address is: 7666 – 8th Line, Nichol Township, Guelph, Ontario N1H 6J2, tel (519) 820-3999.  The shipping/handling charge per dose, as seen on the order form, pays for all the costs to get your semen order into storage at Dr. Plante’s facility and to ship it out so long as Dr. Plante has more than 48 hours’ notice of shipping.  If shipping is requested with less than 48 hours’ notice an extra fee of $100.00 will be billed by Dr. Plante.  As well, if Dr. Plante has to charge a dry shipper the cost is $75.00.

Please note that all orders must include the Importation/shipping/handling fee, including doses ordered from our inventory and those being picked up directly at Dr. Plante’s facility.  This fee is meant to help cover the following costs incurred by the club to offer this service to our members:  the cost to ship the container to and from Germany, insurance for the shipment in travel, as well on doses stored in inventory, the annual cost to store our inventory with Dr. Plante, fees charged by Dr. Plante to prepare and ship each order, etc.   

When you have been notified that the shipment has been cleared by CFIA, you will have to arrange for a dry shipper to be sent to Dr. Plante.  We recommend that FedEx be used and these costs are paid by the member.  You can also arrange to personally take a dry shipper to Dr. Plante.  The club has two dry shippers and these may be rented at $50 for up to two weeks use, this does not include any courier costs for transportation or charging the dry shipper.  If you would like to rent a dry shipper contact Marjorie Haus (  

If you have any questions regarding the shipment or would like to discuss stallion selection contact Greta Haupt at (905) 865-2529 (email:  We wish all our members the best of luck in the upcoming breeding season.

Mail or Email Order Form and Payment to:

Greta Haupt 

613 Concession 14

Hagersville, Ontario N0A 1H0


For the list of Active Canadian-based Hanoverian Stallions please refer to:

Notification of foaling – Please confirm the births of your foals by filling in the Notification of Foaling document, which was mailed to members who submitted a Breeding Certificate to the Verband; or do so online at

Horse ads on the CHS website (under “Marketplace”): A reminder that the website offers breeders a chance to submit free sales ads for their Hanoverian horses / foals. Use the “How to Place a Listing” app under the “Marketplace” tab.

DRY SHIPPERS:  The club owns two dry shippers which are available for rent by club members at $50.00 per use of two weeks or less, plus shipping charges.  Contact Marjorie Haus at or 905-928-6115.

As this newsletter and periodic updates are sent by email, please forward your updated email address and farm website to Isabelle at or call (613) 272-2301. Thank you!

Newsletter Dec 2020

Celle CHS order Form 2021

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