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DEADLINE EXTENSION – 2015 Celle Semen Order

Information for ordering frozen semen from the Celle National State Stud

The Canadian Hanoverian Society is the exclusive distributor in Canada for frozen semen available for export by the Celle National State Stud (Landgestüt Celle). If you intend to order frozen semen from Celle please follow the instructions below and make sure that your order form and payment is received by no later than January 23, 2015.

Members of the Canadian Hanoverian Society, the American Hanoverian Society and the Canadian Warmblood Breeders Association receive a 20% discount from list price. After January 23, 2015 orders will only be filled from an inventory of selected stallions that we have on hand. The list of stallions and prices available from inventory is currently on the CHS website, under “Ordering Frozen” and will be updated once we have placed and received our new inventory order with Celle.

The new list of stallions available for export is now posted on the Celle website, below are the instructions for accessing this list. Ordering information, an order form and the CHS price list is also posted on the CHS website, under “Ordering Frozen”.

You can order frozen semen from the stallion list posted on the Celle website by following the instructions below. The list on the Celle website is dated December 19, 2014.

Following are the instructions for accessing the list of available stallions:

Go to the website:
Click on: the UK flag to get to the English web pages,
Put the cursor on Breeding,
Click on: Frozen Semen,
Click on: price list as pdf-download

This brings up the list of stallions available for export. Please note there are a few stallions on the list that are not available for export to Canada.

Frozen semen from these stallions is packaged in a breeding dose usually containing 3, 4 or 8 pipettes (straws) of 5ml. each, although a few stallions are packaged with a different number of straws. Every order is filled with the exact number of straws per breeding dose as shipped from Celle.

Payment must reach Mr. Boyd by January 23, 2015. The order will then be placed with Celle, we get an Import Permit for the shipment and dry shippers are sent to the State Stud. The shipment should arrive and once cleared by CFIA should be available by late March or early April.

We use Dr. Claire Plante DVM to store and ship the semen. Her address is: 7666 – 8th Line, Nichol Township, Guelph, Ontario N1H 6J2, tel (519) 820-3999. The shipping charge per dose pays for all the costs to get your semen order into storage at Dr. Plante’s facility and to ship it out so long as Dr. Plante has more than 48 hours’ notice of shipping. If shipping is requested with less than 48 hours’ notice an extra fee of $100 will be billed by Dr. Plante. As well, if Dr. Plante has to charge a dry shipper she will bill an extra fee.

When you have been notified that the shipment has been cleared by CFIA, you will have to arrange for a dry shipper to be sent to Dr. Plante. We recommend that FedEx be used and these costs are paid by the member. You can also arrange to personally take a dry shipper to Dr. Plante. The club has two dry shippers and these may be rented at $50 for two weeks use, this does not include any courier costs for transportation or charging the dry shipper. If you would like to rent a dry shipper contact Michael Boyd. Once the shipment has been cleared and you have been notified we ask that you pick-up or arrange to have your order shipped within 30 days.

Send your order form and cheque, bank draft or money order payable to the Canadian Hanoverian Society for the total amount. If paying by VISA or Mastercard please fill in the card number and expiry date on the order form.

If you have any questions regarding the shipment or would like to discuss stallion selection contact Michael Boyd at (416) 239-0624 (email: We wish all our members the best of luck in the upcoming breeding season.

Mail Order Form and Payment to:

Michael Boyd
12 Country Club Drive
Toronto, Ontario
M9A 3J4

(Effective as of December 21, 2014)
(Stallions available from inventory marked with an *)

1. Alabaster (Akzent II/ Wendepunkt) $570
2. Asti Spumante (Argentinus/Landfrieden) $760
3. Avagon (Acorado II/Escudo I) $760*
4. Bonifatius (Belissimo M/Lauries Crusador xx) $760*
5. Brentano II (Bolero/Grande) $760*
6. Buckingham (Bordeaux/Rousseau) $950
7. Burlington II (Breitling W/Rohdiamant) $760
8. Cassillias (Contendro/Stakkato) $760*
9. Chacco Gold (Chacco Blue/Calido) 760*
10. Clinton’s Heart (Clinton/Heartbreaker) $760
11. Cloney (Contender/Lascadell) $760
12. Comte (Contendro/Granulit) $760*
13. Contendros Bube (Contendro/Pik Bube) $570
14. Count Grannus (Contendro/Graf Grannus) $570
15. Cristallo I (Cornet Obolensky/Cassini I) $2,850 (2 insemination doses)
16. Dancier (De Niro//Grenadier) $1,140*
17. Dannebrog (Don Schufro/Brentano II) $570
18. Diacontinus (Diarado/Contendro I) $1,140*
19. Don Bosco (Donnerhall/Ramiro) $570*
20. Don Darius (Don Frederico/Markus Deak xx) $760
21. Don Frederico (Donnerhall/Consul) $1,140*
22. Don Henrico (Don Frederico/Lauries Crusador xx) $570*
23. Don Index (Don Crusador/Wolkentanz) $1,140*
24. Don Juan (Don Carlos/Eljen) $570
25. Don Presidente (Dauphin/Fabriano) $570
26. Dubarry (Don Frederico/Rubinstein) $570
27. Edward (Embassy I/Fabriano) $760
28. Embassy III (Escudo I/Silvio I) $570
29. Escudo I (Espri/Arkansas) $760*
30. Espri (Eiger I/Diplomat) $570
31. Estobar NRW (Ehrentusch/Ferragamo) $2,850 (2 insemination doses)
32. Fabriano (Wendulan/Azur) $570
33. Furstbischof (Furst Romancier/Plaisir d’Amour) $570
34. Furstenhof (Furst Grandios/Weltmeyer) $570
35. Furst Belissaro (Furstenball/Belissimo M) $760
36. Furst Nymphenburg (Florencio I/De Niro) $1,140*
37. Furst Rousseau (Rousseau/Weltmeyer) $760*
38. Gem of India (Graf Grannus/Calypso II) $570
39. Graf Grannus (Grannus/Goldlowe) $570*
40. Graf Galen (Graf Top/Landclassic) $570
41. Graf Top (Graf Grannus/Calypso II) $760*
42. Grey Top (Graf Top/Singular Joter) $760*
43. Heinrich Heine (Hochadel/Rubinstein I) $570*
44. Hochadel (Hohenstein/Donnerhall) $760
45. Iberio (Indigo/Caletto I) $760
46. Laptop (Loredo/Calypso II) 570*
47. Le Primeur (Laptop/Pinkus) $570*
48. Lissaro van de Helle (Lissabon/Matcho AA) $950*
49. Livaldon (Vivaldi/Donnerhall) $950*
50. Locksley II (Londonderry/Weltmeyer) $950
51. Londonderry (Lauries Crusador xx/Warkant) $950
52. Londontime (Londonderry/Walt Disney) $950*
53. Lord Lohengrin (Lordanos/Diskus) $950
54. Metternich (Macho AA/Pik Konig) $570
55. Perigueux (Perpignon/Stakkato) $950*
56. Perpignon (Pilot/Watzmann) $570
57. Pommery (Pik Bube/Absatz) $570
58. Quaid (Quidam’s Rubin/Voltaire) $760*
59. Quaterhall (Quaterback/Donnerhall) $760*
60. Rascalino (Rotspon/Velten Third) $760*
61. Rotspon (Rubinstein I/Argentan) $760*
62. Royal Blend (Rotspon/Lauries Crusador xx) $570*
63. Salieri (Salvano/Servus) $760
64. Salito (Stakkato/Calido) $760
65. Santino (Sandro Hit/Pik Bube) $760
66. Sao Paulo (Sandro/Gepard) $570
67. Silberschmied (Sunlight xx/Wolkenstein II) $570
68. Sporcken (Sir Donnerhall/Lauries Crusador xx) $1,140*
69. Stakkato (Spartan/Pygmalion) $1,900*
70. Stanley (Stakkato/Loredo) $760
71. Stolzenberg (Stakkato/Sandro) $950*
72. Tinka’s Boy (Zuidpool/Zeus) $1,900
73. Toronto (Now or Never/Belisar) $570
74. Uccello (Now or Never/Saros) $570
75. Valentino (Now or Never/Belisar) $760
76. Viscount (Valentino/Acorado) $950*
77. Weltmeyer (World Cup I/Absatz) $760*
78. Weltruhm (Weltmeyer/Nevado xx) $570
79. Werther (Wendekreis/Marcio xx) $570
80. Wolkenstein II (Weltmeyer/Wendekreis) $570
81. Wolkentanz (Weltmeyer/Ludendorff) $570*

Thoroughbred Stallions

82. Lauries Crusador xx (Welsh Pageant xx/Like a Leaper xx) $760
83. Likoto xx (Fit to Fight xx/Lyphard’s Wish xx) $570
84. Markus Deak xx (Guarde Royale xx/Sky xx) $570
85. Mount Etna xx (Mister Balleys xx/Ela-Mana-Mou xx) $570
86. Wilawander xx (Nahwan xx/Danzig xx) $570


Orders that are received after January 23, 2015 will only be filled from available inventory. These stallions are marked with an * on the list above.

Also note that the following stallions that we have in inventory are no longer available from Celle. The number of doses we currently have on hand are after the stallion’s name.

Avagon 2
Cassillias 1
Chacco Gold 2
Furst Rousseau 2
Laptop 2
Locksley II 2

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