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**Cancellation of 2020 Canadian Hanoverian Society Inspection Tour**



Cancellation of the Canadian Hanoverian Society 2020 Inspection Tour


Dear friends and fellow breeders of the Hanoverian horse,


Once again, it is our sincere hope that you and your loved ones are staying safe and healthy during this “new normal” of living. As we enter the season of summer, we are seeing the provincial governments ease restrictions and open up inter-provincial borders. However, the Federal Government still warns that we are not yet out of the woods, and that we are to remain attentive and vigilant to continue to stop the spread of COVID-19.


With this in mind, the executive of the Canadian Hanoverian Society, along with the directors of both the Western and Eastern Clubs and together with our mother society, Hannoveraner Verband in Germany, have made the difficult decision to cancel the 2020 Inspection Tour originally scheduled for August 29th – September 12th. This decision was based on our government’s travel restrictions and our inability to keep hosts, judges and participating members safe.


The Verband’s Deputy Breeding Director, Maren Schlender is unable to join us this year due to Canada extending its border restrictions to international travellers. We have also determined that the West and Maritime provinces cannot host any inspections due to inter-provincial travel restrictions. Although Ontario and Quebec currently have non-restrictive borders that would allow for some inspections, these events would require us to follow very strict protocols and best practises set out by Equestrian Canada (Guidelines for Competition Operations During COVID-19) to keep our members safe. At this time, we do not have the means or the manpower to enforce these protocols at our inspections. Moreoverdue to a lack of cross-country representation, there would be no awarding of the Fritz FlotoAlbert Kley Top Ten Foals or Top Canadian Bred Jumper Foal or Dressage Bred Foal awards. Further, due to the absence of the Verband representative, there would not be the awarding of the Gold Medal Foal awards. As a result, and in consideration of the health and welfare of everyone involved, we arrived at the decision to cancel this year’s inspection to be resumed next year.


For this year only, the following inspection protocols will be in place:


Inspection of Mares

  • Our judges are available to inspect and register your mares, both in the East and the West.  In cases where a farm visit by our inspectors is not possible, there is the option of a studbook inspection via video.  
  • Mare Performance Tests unfortunately will have to be put on hold until next year. Mares that have reached the age limit of 5 this year for MPT and Premium candidacy will get the opportunity as 6 year olds in 2021.
  • *** Members who, due to extenuating circumstances, need to have their mares complete a Mare Performance Test this year, are asked to contact Inga Hamilton or George von Platen to discuss the options available to you and to find a solution.

Registration of Foals Born in 2020

You have two choices:

  • Have our judges come to your home farm to inspect and brand your foals this year.
  • Alternatively, you may have your veterinarian complete the paperwork and take a DNA sample and micro-chip your foal.  Digital photos showing the foal’s markings must also be accompanied with the paperwork.***Note:  Veterinary charges arising from the micro-chipping alternative are to be paid by the breeder.  A $20.00 discount will be taken off the breeders fees if they choose this alternative.

The preferred way is that you complete online the Birth Declaration of your foal using the Mein Hannoveraner application. Once this is done, the Hanoverian Verband will prepare and send the necessary paperwork to our club representatives here in Canada. This is the same paperwork that will be used to form your foal’s Hanoverian passport and certificate of ownership. If our representatives are inspecting and branding at your home farm, they will bring it when they come. If your vet is doing your inspection, our reps will mail that paperwork to you.  


Those that are unable to use MeinHannoveraner are asked to complete the application form attached and email it to Tanja Coors at 

Please note:  to successfully complete your foal’s birth declaration, you must have completed the 2019 Breeding/Insemination Certificate for your mare.  You will find this certificate on Mein Hannoveraner. 

For more information and to set up and appointment for on-Farm inspections please contact:


Eastern Breeders Club, President

Inga Hamilton   

Western Breeders Club, President

George von Platen

Canadian Hanoverian Society, Chairman

Marjorie Haus  

We, the executive and our partners at the Hannoveraner Verband, understand the disappointment felt by our members due to the cancellation of this event.  We therefore offer the possibility to have your foal digitally evaluated by our breeding directors in Verden.  More information regarding this initiative will follow in the coming weeks.  In the meantime, we encourage you to make use of our Facebook page to showcase your lovely 2020 foals. Just send a photo and pedigree of your youngster to Jacquelyn Harlow at


Kind regards,

Marjorie Haus                                                                                      Dr. Ludwig Christmann 

Canadian Hanoverian Society                                                             Hannoveraner Verband

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