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Canadian Hanoverian Western Canada Inspections

Western Canada Inspection Tour

I had the pleasure of Greta Haupt from Ontario to judge with me this year. I would like to thank Greta for taking the time to assist me, not only did she see some quality foals but some of our beautiful Alberta landscapes along the way.

Our first stop was at Tinker Palace in Calgary, where we branded a classy foal from Spot Cash.

Next on our Alberta tour was Themla and Louise Sport Horses, where we branded three Hanoverian foals and one Rheinland. Heather Smith presented two nice particularly nice foals, a colt by DeNiro out of a Romanov Blue Horse mare, and a filly by D’ Egalité out of a Warkenson mare. The filly by D’ Egalité was a modern, beautiful moving foal, with a nice neck set, long correct legs; as such, she was awarded the Gold Medal Foal plaque.

Gold Medal foal by D’ Egalité out of a Warkenson mare, from Thelma and Louise Sport Horses

Judges George von Platen and Greta Haupt discussing the lovely foals at Thelma and Louise Sport Horses









The Lambie family, with Yankee Valley Sport Horses, was our next day on our tour, where we inspected some nice Jumper foals. Tara and Chris continue to strive to better their breeding stock through their careful breeding and training program, and the quality reflects that in the improvement we see in their foals each year. Their colt by Valentino out of an El Bundy mare was awarded the Gold Medal Foal plaque as well, with good shoulders and nice movement. There, we also inspected and admitted three mares into the main stud book, two of which were young mares from Yankee Valley Sport Horses, and the third was an older Brandenburg mare owned by Debbie Marks. 

Gold Medal Foal by Valentino out of an El Bundy mare, from Yankee Valley Sport Horses

From southern Alberta, the tour continued north, where we stopped at Citrine Equine, to brand a very feminine and pretty Floris Prince filly out of a For Jump mare.

Filly By Flores Prince out a For Jump mare, from Citrine Equine

The day after that we stopped at Spruce View Hanoverians. We saw some nice foals and awarded a Gold foal to a filly by Damaschino I out of a Londonderry mare. Spruce View Hanoverians also presented a three mares for inspection, an Oldenburg mare, a Canadian Warmblood, and Fürst Nymphenburg / Rosentau Mare; all of which were accepted into the main studbook. 

Gold Medal Foal by Damaschino out of a Londonderry mare, from Spruce View Hanoverians

The last day was at von Platen farms with Mare Inspection and Performance Test; three mares completed studbook inspection and entered into the main studbook. All four mares (1 from BC and 3 from Alberta) all completed the three stages of the Mare Performance Test: Free Jumping, Owner/Rider presentation, and Test Rider pattern. Andrea Harris graciously returned as our test rider. Although, it was a windy day, the sun was shining making it a pleasant September day, and all four mares completed their test.

Yankee Valley Sport Horses mare Cordova (Checkmate / El Bundy) presented for for Mare Performance Test

Kristen Brolin’s mare Wild Card (Windfall CB / Cappucino van Berkenbroek) presented for Mare Performance Test

Elisha Weaver’s mare Daphne (Diacontinus / For Jump) presented for Mare Performance test

Carolynn Champigny’s mare Belvedere (Belissimo) presented for Mare Performance Test





















Overall, the Western leg of our Canadian Hanoverian Inspection Tour was a wonderful success! It is always so enjoyable to see the great pride that our members take in presenting their mares and foals each year! I also would like to take this opportunity to thank all the inspection site hosts for their hospitality to both Greta and I, and the delicious lunches provided to us. Also to the effort put forth from the whole von Platen family, in preparing and running of the Mare Performance Testing at our farm. Unfortunately, due to the health state of Canada again this year, we were not able to accommodate spectators at our inspections site; though, we greatly hope that this will be the last year that we will have to have these modifications and can return to larger venues and welcome back spectators to enjoy these wonderful days with us! 


George von Platen

Western Club President 

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