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Canadian Hanoverian Society Newsletter – March 2017


Michael Boyd, Chairman, CHS
George von Platen, President Hanoverian Breeders Club of Western Canada
Vice President: Barbara Beckman
Past President: Dan French
Secretary-Treasurer: Ms. Charlene Spengler
John Dingle (British Columbia)
Kathleen Sulz (Manitoba)
Matthew von Platen (Alberta)

Kathleen Richardson, President Hanoverian Breeders Club of Eastern Canada
Vice-President Inga Hamilton
Past President: Ferdi Haupt
Ruth Hanselpacker (Maritime region)
Louise Masek (Ontario West)
Ted Parkinson (Ontario West)
Isabelle Schmid (Ontario East)
Lynda Tetreault (Quebec)

Treasurer: Ursula Hosking
Newsletter: Isabelle Schmid
Website: Jessica Lauzon


In this Issue:

Canadian Hanoverian Society Chairman’s Message
Hanoverian Breeders Club of Western Canada Chairman’s Message by George von Platen
2017 CHS Stallion Service Auction by Kathleen Richardson
2017 Celle Frozen Semen Order
2017 Annual General Meeting of the Hanoverian Breeders Club of Eastern Canada
News about Club Members


Bylaws of the Hanoverian Breeders Club of Eastern Canada


Canadian Hanoverian Society Chairman’s Message by Michael Boyd

As we begin the 2017 breeding season the breeding of Hanoverians in Canada has never been in a stronger position. Our club’s membership continues to slowly grow as does the number of mares in the studbook and number of breedings. For the size of our club, our members stand a number of outstanding stallions for dressage, jumper, event and hunter breeding.

I look forward to seeing members at the upcoming annual meeting of the Eastern Canada Hanoverian Breeders Club. A number of important topics will be discussed including the status of microchipping and a new three day stallion testing format.

A highlight this year will be the Young Breeder Championships to be held for the first time outside of Europe at Spruce Meadows on July 20-22, 2017. Maren Schendler will be heading up a full team from the Verband. I encourage any of our members who can be in Calgary at this time to attend this competition.

We are working at finalizing the inspection tour for this year with Dr. Christmann. Dr. Christmann will be the judge from the Verband who does the tour this year. As soon as the tour dates and sites are confirmed the schedule for this year will be sent out to our members.

We had a very successful stallion service auction again this year and I would especially like to thank Andrea Phillips and Tammy Lavasseur for their work in making the auction so successful.

I wish all our members the best of luck with their foals on the way this year and in your new breeding plans.


Hanoverian Breeders Club of Western Canada Chairman’s Message by George von Platen

Dear members, I hope everyone had a wonderful winter. Spring is in the air and the horses are starting to shed their winter coat. Just a little note from me, first we have a few new stallions in the country to look at. I would like to remind breeders that young stallions that were approved for breeding in their first season are no longer considered approved until they complete the proper testing, breeders be aware. Also, please remember to get your breeding certificates in, and send the foal registration in a soon as the foal is born. With my best regards, George.


2017 CHS Stallion Service Auction by Kathleen Richardson

This year’s very successful SSA was orchestrated by Tammy Levasseur and Andrea Phillips, who took over the controls from Kathleen Richardson and Kathleen Sulz, who had handled the first Five Annual Auctions for the Canadian Hanoverian Society.

Tammy and Andrea used a completely new Auction Platform, which worked very efficiently.

17 breedings (Fresh or frozen, LFG or by the dose) were on offer, and all but one was “Sold”.

After expenses — which include marketing, auction platform, PayPal and Credit Card Fees, plus $400 rebates to Stallion Owners whose LFG offerings are successfully auctioned off – the Canadian Hanoverian Society gained approximately $8,500 net.

Bidding was very active – well up from previous years. 14 Individuals won the 16 offerings (2 Canadians won 2 bids each). Only 3 were from USA – well down from previous years. The 17 donations included 3

doses of frozen semen (no LFG) from Celle; one dose of frozen (no LFG) from Canada, one (no LFG) from Sweden; and LFG breedings comprised of 8 from Canada and 3 from USA.

Payment was from PayPal or e-transfer (5 bids/5 bidders) or Visa / MC (11 bids 9 bidders).


2017 Celle Frozen Semen Order

Greta Haupt very efficiently handled this year’s frozen semen order. Between the autumn 2016 and close of orders in early February, there were 23 doses ordered, from 11 different stallions. An additional 14 doses from popular stallions have been ordered from inventory. All orders (7+) this year were from Canadians. These included 2 from CWB members, and one un-affiliated breeder (no discount applicable). Greta expects the semen to arrive at beginning of April and we will have an update for the AGM.

2017 Annual General Meeting of the Hanoverian Breeders Club of Eastern Canada

Louise Masek has done a great job organizing this year’s AGM, finding and booking a site and lining up a guest speaker. Thank you Louise.

Date / Time:

Saturday, April 15, 2017 / Guest Presentation begins 11:00 am. Meeting closes approximately 3:30 pm.

Location: Mohawk Chop House – 9230 Guelph Line, Campbellville, Ontario, LOP 1B0 905-854-2277

Proposed Agenda:

11 am: Guest speaker Grace Wanyura of Rocabarra Farm: What we breed for and look for in the Hunter Market, from weanlings through undersaddle Hunter Prospects

12 noon: Lunch (served in the meeting room)

1:00pm: AGM Meeting 2017

  • Welcome (Kathleen Richardson)
  • Review and Acceptance of 2016 AGM Minutes (Ursula Hosking)
  • Presentation of 2016 Financial statements (Ursula Hosking)
  • Review of 2016-17 Celle Semen Order (Kathleen Richardson or Greta Haupt))
  • Recap 2017 Stallion Service Auction (Kathleen Richardson)
  • 2017 Inspection Schedule Eastern Canada (Kathleen Richardson)
  • Election of New President and Board of Directors **
  • USDF All-Breeds Program (Mike Boyd)
  • Young Breeders Championships (Mike Boyd)
  • Microchipping (Mike Boyd)
  • New Stallion Testing Program (Mike Boyd)
  • Trophy Photos presented to 2016 Mare and Foal Show Winners (Kathleen Richardson)
  • Highlights of Australian Hanoverian Inspection Tour – Lessons learned (Inga Hamilton)
  • Other


Call For Nominees for the Board of Directors of the Hanoverian Breeders Club of Eastern Canada for the term 2017 to 2010.

** This year we elect a new Board of Directors for a 3-year term. The Board must include a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary, and at least 2 Directors. There are no limits to the number of Terms a Director can serve. Persons eligible to serve on the Board must be regular members in good standing, and at the time of the AGM, have not reached their 70th birthday.  Voting is conducted by the members attending the AGM.

Attached for your reference are the “Bylaws of the Eastern Canada Breeding Club”. Duties and responsibilities of the Board are outlined on page 4.

The incumbent President is not standing again, so it is most important that we seek Nominees to replace her. Please also nominate Vice President, or Secretary / Treasurer, or Director at large as well. Several of the existing board’s members are happy to stand again – but the floor is always open to additional nominees.

A member may nominate himself/herself, or another person for Executive or Board positions. An additional person should “second” each Nominee.

NOMINATIONS ARE REQUESTED by March 31st. Please send your Nominations, with an identified “seconder” for any of the Board Executive or Director positions to Kathleen Richardson at, or call 905-429-1642.

We will let you know who the Nominees are in an email prior to the AGM.


News about Club Members:

2016 Rider Exchange By Maren Reinbold:  The Hannoveraner Verband Rider Exchange Program had its inaugural year in 2016. I was extremely lucky to be one of the first participants in this incredible program. The objective for the program was to promote Hanoverian horses in North America and to provide up and coming young professionals with the tools necessary to successfully develop horses under saddle. Understanding the needs of the North American market was a primary objective of the program. Also, many top trainers in the USA had provided feedback to the Verband that they viewed young professionals as lacking in the necessary skills and training to fully realize these young horses’ potential. With this mandate, Kristin Karlisch and Daniel Fritz developed a nine week program involving extensive under-saddle training augmented by classroom lectures on everything from classical riding theory to stallion selection and foal conformation.  I was fortunate to be included, as the target participants were American – two dressage riders and one hunter rider. I was the only show-jumper and ‘token’ Canadian.

The selection process began in May, with the Verband advertising extensively online and in industry publications. I was required to submit a detailed resume, essay on my interest in the program and extensive riding videos. This was followed by two rounds of telephone interviews and then a committee reviewed all the application material and I was offered a spot in the program later in June. The program ran from mid-September to late November in Verden Germany. We lived right above the riding school, right over the stalls – where we were the first to hear when the horses ran out of hay at four a.m.!  As part of the team, we assisted in feeding, grooming, helping with auction horse preparation, riding of auction and auction-graduates and received daily instruction from both dressage and jumping trainers. We also were involved in the auctions and stallion licensing occurring while we were in Verden. We visited Celle, private studs, had tours of Bremen, Verden and Hamburg.

This was the ideal program for me! It could not have better met my needs and expectations. I am a young breeder, focusing on Hanoverians, have competed internationally up to 1.50m FEI, and currently am focused on developing many young horses to be jumpers or hunters in Alberta. I am also completing my final course for a Diploma in Equine Studies through the University of Guelph. While some of the participants were less interested in bloodline lectures and breeding theory, I was in heaven! We rode three to four young horses daily for six days per week, had several lectures daily and were involved in all other activities at the Verband. Highlights for me included the auctions, where I could witness all the bloodlines I have been researching for years realized; the lectures – particularly riding theory with Daniel Fritz and Dr. Christmann’s lectures on breeding; riding some of the nicest horses anywhere particularly a Lordanos five-year-old jumper and a three-year-old Dancier dressage stallion. I so enjoyed the flat lessons I have continued dressage lessons at home and will be competing in dressage this year, in addition to hunters and jumpers!

This was the pilot year, and hopefully the Verband will welcome other young Canadian professionals in upcoming exchanges and I would strongly encourage any interested parties to apply. I would also be very happy to discuss the program or answer any questions potential applicants may have. Please feel free to contact me by email at


Left: Riding lesson with Christian Plage. Right: with Rosie Simoes (Dressage – USA); Jessie Nemzoff (Hunters – USA); Caitlin Kincaid (Dressage – USA).



Broodmare For Lease: Due to injury preventing a competitive career we are offering our seven year old LePrimeur/Cumano mare for a brood mare lease. 17’1hh, dark bay, Precious Cargo is correct, has a kind personality and three very good gaits. She was started by Yann Candele and had subsequent dressage training with Karen Seegert. Her dam Carolla Z was ridden by Yann for a number of years and her sire Cumano is well known for Gold at Auchen, winner of the CN class at Spruce as well as Olympic Bronze. After leaving Verdun, Leprimeur stood at Spruce Meadows as a foundation sire for a number of years.

Available to first class home only.  Precious is approved in the Hanoverian stud book and as a three year old did her performance test. Video from 3 years of age  Please contact or leave a message at 905 649 5712. Thank you.

Horse ads on the CHS website (under “Marketplace”) are free for Canadian Hanoverian Society Members. These ads will remain on the site for 6 months from their posting date and then will be removed.  Anyone who has listings more than 6 months old would be best to replace them with current information and pictures, because if they are not already removed from the sales listings, they will disappear after the next “purge” within the month.

Reminder About 2016 Breeding Certificates and Birth Declarationss for 2017:  If you have not already done so, please submit your 2016 Breeding Certificates to the Verband. After the birth of your 2017 foals, you can fill out a Birth Declaration, online, at, or the Verband will send you a form. These Birth Declarations, and the associated Breeding Certificate are required to prepare for Inspections / Registrations

Dry Shippers: The club owns two dry shippers which are available for rent to club members at $50 per use of two weeks or less, plus all shipping charges. Contact Michael Boyd at or (416) 239-0624.


As this newsletter and periodic updates are sent by email, please forward your updated email address to Isabelle at or call (613) 272-2301. Thank you!



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