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Canadian Hanoverian Society Newsletter – December 2016





Michael Boyd, Chairman, CHS
George von Platen, President Hanoverian Breeders Club of Western Canada
Vice President: Barbara Beckman
Past President: Dan French
Secretary-Treasurer:  Ms. Charlene Spengler
John Dingle (British Columbia)
Kathleen Sulz (Manitoba)
Matthew von Platen (Alberta)

Kathleen Richardson, President Hanoverian Breeders Club of Eastern Canada
Inga Hamilton: Vice-President
Past President: Ferdi Haupt
Ruth Hanselpacker (Maritime region)
Louise Masek (Ontario West)
Ted Parkinson (Ontario West)
Isabelle Schmid (Ontario East)
Lynda Tetreault (Quebec)
Treasurer:  Ursula Hosking
Secretary & Newsletter:  Isabelle Schmid
Website:  Jessica Lauzon

December 8, 2016

In this Issue:

Canadian Hanoverian Society Chairman’s Message
Hanoverian Breeders Club of Western Canada Chairman’s Message by George von Platen
Canadian Hanoverian Inspection Tour for 2016
Information for Ordering Frozen Semen from the Celle National State Stud
2017 CHS Stallion Service Auction by Kathleen Richardson
News about Club Members


Order Form for Frozen Semen from the Celle National State Stud
Rider Exchange
Program Hannoveraner Verband e.V.


Canadian Hanoverian Society Chairman’s Message by Michael Boyd

We had a very successful inspection tour this year and we thank Maren Schlender for coming again to Canada.  Her report is available later in this newsletter.  I think the number of foals being registered is holding up well, as well as mares being inspected and entering our studbook.  It would be great to see more mares doing their Mare Performance Test.  We added ten new members during the inspection tour and I think this attests to the strength of the Hanoverian studbook.

As well, we congratulate the winners of the Fritz Floto awards for the top two mares doing their Mare Performance test and the Albert Kley Top Ten foal awards.  More information on the winners and photos are in this newsletter.

Of special interest to our breeders is a publication recently brought out by Equestrian Canada, “Equestrian Canada’s Best Practices Guide For Buying and Selling a Horse”.  Hopefully it will be a useful publication for people selling horses and especially as an educational tool for buyers. The booklet is available online on the Equestrian Canada website:  On the home page click on the Industry tab and then click on the About tab and then scroll down to find a downloadable document.  Here is a link to the page:  Equestrian Canada also has printed copies available in French and English.

The Young Breeder Championships will be held in Canada in July, 2017 at Spruce Meadows. As far as I know the Verband will be sending a full team and the American Hanoverian Society will be sending a team.  I believe the European studbooks are looking to charter a plane to bring all their participants to Calgary.  I encourage any of our members who can be in Calgary at this time to attend this competition.


Hanoverian Breeders Club of Western Canada Chairman’s Message by George von Platen

The year 2016 is coming slowly to an end. We had a difficult year weather-wise in Western Canada.  First drought and then the rain that is still an issue till to now. People had to deal with scratches and other water related issues in their horses.

The 2016 inspection tour went well.  We had people from Saskatchewan and British Columbia attending von Platen farm and the new Calgary site.  We accepted quite a few new members with their well turned out horses.  Welcome to the Canadian Hanoverian Society!

The top foal was bred by Tara Lambie. Congratulations to Tara as this foal will receive the Albert Kley Jumper foal award.  Kyla Mckinney ,Debbi Gibeau ,Gerrit and Ute Brinkman congrats on their 1st and 2st placings for their foals at the central and south locations.

I wish everyone a wonderful holiday and a successful foaling and breeding season in 2017.

My best regards to all the members.

Enthusiastic and committed to Hanoverians: Canadian Hanoverian Inspection tour 2016 by Maren Schendler

For many years now Canada has had one of the largest inspection tours outside of Germany taken care of by the Hannoveraner Verband. This year’s inspection tour lasted about two weeks and included about ten official registration sites with foal shows, mare shows and mare performance tests from the east on Prince Edward Island to Vancouver Island in the very west. Assisted by representatives and members of both of the Hanoverian horse breeding clubs in the east and west as well as the Canadian Hanoverian Society, the tour has been a big success.

The Eastern dates

Canada covers the second largest area of any country in the world and breeders do not hesitate to travel long distances to use the chance to meet with like-minded people and to show their offspring. For this reason many breeders used the opportunity to show their foals and mares on four registration dates in the East. On the comparatively small Price Edward Island a very motivated group of breeders around breeder and stallion keeper Ruth Hanselpacker organised a foal show with twelve foals. The winning foal was a colt by Bonheur who is based on the island, out of a Weltruhm/Donnerhall dam (Breeder and owner: Aileron Stables, PEI). Also the reserve-winner had the now 23 year old Brentano II/Roncalli xx son as a sire. The Star Gazer Farm, PEI, showed the colt out of a Contucci/World Cup IV dam.

The Ferme de Lys site in Ulverton, west of Montreal, has developed over the past few years to a fixed date. Breeders from Quebec showed their foals at the foal show, with some mares that were presented for studbook inspection. The champion foal was another colt by Fuerstenball/Floriscount bred and owned by Lynda Tetrault and Claude Menard from Ferme de Lys. The best jumper bred foal was a young colt by Cador/Graf Top bred by Grand Coteau Stables, QC.


Left: Quebec inspection. Right: Champion Foal (Southlane Farm inspection) colt by De Niro/Romanov, bred by Lea Wouters, Ont.


A little further west at the South Lane Farm of Louise and Joe Palmer in Vankleek Hill a mare performance test following a mare- and foal show has been organized Lynda Tetrault, Ferme de Lys, is the breeder and owner of the best mare in the performance test and the following mare show with the four year old Hann.Pr.C. Dai Tai de Lys by Don Frederico/Weltmeyer. A strong group of quality foals was been presented afterwards in the foal show so that four foals were announced into the call back ring. All of them were modern with very good gaits and high quality dams. The champion foal was the De Niro son Domanov SH out of a Romanov Blue Hors dam bred and owned by Lea Wouters. In addition this foal has been announced later as the best dressage bred foal of the whole tour.

The biggest date over two days took place close to Toronto at the Parkwood Stables of Elaine and Ted Parkinson. The foal show was dominated by offspring of the 10-year-old Fabregas by Florencio/De Niro who is based at Parkwood Stables. He moved to Canada in 2011 and is successfully ridden by Inga Hamilton. Two of his offspring have been in the call back ring and were announced as the champion and reserve-champion of the show. The winning colt out of a Belissimo M/Weltruhm dam was born at Parkwood Stables and is still owned by Elaine and Ted Parkinson. The reserve prize was awarded to a filly out of a Dauphin/Wonderland dam bred and owned by Marjorie and Rick Haus, ON. The ribbon for the best jumper bred foal was given to a filly by Contendro/Verdi bred and owned by Cynthia Pyper. Each year the Fritz-Floto-prize is awarded to the high score dressage- and jumping bred mares in the mare performance test. The winning mares have been shown in the mare performace test on Parkwood the following day. The four year old Hann.Pr.C. Graziella by Graf Top/Drosselklang II (Breeder and owner: Christian Poschung, Guelph) won the title for the best jumping bred mare and got reserve champion of the mare show. Hann.Pr.C. Fabliese by Fabregas/Lauries Crusador xx (Breeder and owner: Elaine and Ted Parkinson, Rockwood) won the title for the best dressage bred mare and was awarded champion mare on the mare show.


Left: Gaziella- Best Jumping Bred Mare, by Graf Top/Drosselklang II. Owner/Breeder: Christian Poschung. Right: Fabliese – Champion Mare by Fabregas/Lauries Crusador xx. Owner/Breeder and owner: Elaine and Ted Parkinson.

From British Columbia to Manitoba

Beneath some inspections on site in “Beautiful British Columbia” there have been two official registration dates in British Columbia at the Dreamscape Farm of Jennifer and Armin Arnoldt in Langley, as well as on Dreamcatcher Meadows of Jill Giese and John Dingle in Pemberton. Both farms keep stallions, so most of the foals were by their own stallions. On Dreamscape the home based stallion Sir Gregory by Sir Donnerhall/Don Gregory produced the best foal out of a Florencio dam (Breeder and owner: Dreamscape Farm, Langley). Sire of the best foal at Dreamcatcher Meadows was the home based stallion Dreammaster by Dimaggio/Dream of Glory. The dam is a pure Thoroughbred by Western Trick xx. Breeder and owner is Dreamcatcher Meadows. A small but very committed group of breeders is based since a long time in Manitoba. At the home of the late stallion Wolkentanz II, the Woodhaven Farm of Kathleen Sulz and the Crooked Creek Farm of Nancy Schmidt, some foals were been presented. The best foal was a filly by Sir Gregory out of an Autocrat mare bred by Nancy Schmidt.

A new date in Alberta

This year an additional inspection place was held at the Von Platen Farm close to Edmonton. A lot of breeders used the opportunity to show their youngsters in the foal show as well in the mare show. The three year old Quintana by Quidam Blue/Regardez was the best mare in show and was awarded with the Hanoverian Premium Candidate title. She was bred by Gerrit and Ute Brinkmann, New Norway, and owned by Gerd Juister from Fort St. John, B.C. Three foals have been called back in the final ring on the foal show. The jumper bred champion, a colt by the young Casparo out of a Comic Hilltop dam was bred and owned by Gerrit and Ute Brinkmann. A filly received the ribbon for the best dressage bred foal. Kyla McKinney from Leduc County bred and showed the champion foal by Belissimo M/Fuerst Nymphenburg. The second registration date in Alberta traditionally took place during the Spruce Meadows Masters in Calgary. For the first time the inspection site was the Rancho Verde Farm close to the showgrounds of Spruce Meadows. Many interested visitors and breeders used the opportunity for having a look at the foals and listening to the comments from the judges. Compared to other inspection sites the foal show was stamped by many foals with a jumper pedigree. As the winner of these jumping foals a young filly by Checkmate/El Bundy has been announced. She was bred and shown by Tara and Chris Lambie from Airdrie. This filly got the award for the best Canadian bred jumper foal 2016 after the whole inspection tour. The few dressage bred foals have presented themselves very well. The champion was a colt by Livaldon out of a Rosentau mare bred and owned by Debbie Gibeau from Eckville.


Best Canadian Bred Jumper Foal by Checkmate/El Bundy. Breeders: Tara and Chris Lambie.


Albert Kley TOP TEN AWARDS 2016 (follow the link)

Inspection Summary for 2016

Foals 98
Studbook inspection 36
New membership 10


Mares qualifying for the Jumper Breeding Program:

  • Graziella by Grey Top/Drosselklang II, Owner: Christian Poschung, Guelph, Ontario
  • Rojo Caliente B by Raphael/Cassini II,Owner: Mike Boyd, Toronto, Ontario
  • Galiana by Graf Grannus/Embassy, Owner: Heather McNaughton, Cambridge, Ontario


Information for Ordering Frozen Semen from the Celle National State Stud

The Canadian Hanoverian Society is the exclusive distributor in Canada for frozen semen available for export by the Celle National State Stud (Landgestüt Celle).  If you intend to order frozen semen from Celle please follow the instructions below and make sure that your order form and payment is received by no later than January 25, 2017.

Members of the Canadian Hanoverian Society, the American Hanoverian Society and the Canadian Warmblood Breeders Association receive a 20% discount from list price.  After January 25, 2017 orders will only be filled from an inventory of selected stallions that we have on hand.  The list of stallions and prices available is on the CHS website, under “Ordering Frozen” and will be updated once we have placed and received our new inventory order with Celle.

A full list of stallions available for export from Celle should be posted on their website sometime between mid December, 2016 and mid January, 2017.  Below are the instructions for accessing this list.  Ordering information, an order form and the CHS price list is also posted on the CHS website, under “Ordering Frozen”.

You can order frozen semen from the full stallion list posted on the Celle website by following the instructions below.  The list on the Celle website is currently dated September 29, 2016.  Wait to place your order until this list is updated in December or January.

Following are the instructions for accessing the list of available stallions:

Go to the website:
Click on:           the UK flag to get to the English web pages, put the cursor on Breeding,
Click on:           Frozen Semen,
Click on:           price list as pdf-download

This brings up the list of stallions available for export.  Please note some stallions on the list are not available for export to Canada.

Frozen semen from these stallions is packaged in a breeding dose usually containing 3, 4 or 8 pipettes (straws) of 5ml. each, although a few stallions are packaged with a different number of straws.  Every order is filled with the exact number of straws per breeding dose as shipped from Celle.

Payment must reach Greta Haupt by January 25, 2017 for orders from the Celle listThe order will then be placed with Celle, we get an Import Permit for the shipment and dry shippers are sent to the State Stud.  The shipment should arrive and once cleared by CFIA should be available by late March or early April.

We use Dr. Claire Plante DVM to store and ship the semen.  Her address is: 7666 – 8th Line, Nichol Township, Guelph, Ontario N1H 6J2, tel (519) 820-3999.  The shipping charge per dose pays for all the costs to get your semen order into storage at Dr. Plante’s facility and to ship it out so long as Dr. Plante has more than 48 hours’ notice of shipping.  If shipping is requested with less than 48 hours’ notice an extra fee of $100 will be billed by Dr. Plante.  As well, if Dr. Plante has to charge a dry shipper she will bill an extra fee.

Please note that all orders must include the Importation/shipping/handling fee including those from our inventory.  This fee covers the following:  the cost to bring the shipment from Germany, insurance for the shipment including our inventory year round, the annual cost to store our inventory and a fee charged by Dr. Plante to prepare and ship each order (one time).

When you have been notified that the shipment has been cleared by CFIA, you will have to arrange for a dry shipper to be sent to Dr. Plante.  We recommend that FedEx be used and these costs are paid by the member.  You can also arrange to personally take a dry shipper to Dr. Plante.  The club has two dry shippers and these may be rented at $50 for two weeks use, this does not include any courier costs for transportation or charging the dry shipper.  If you would like to rent a dry shipper contact Michael Boyd.  Once the shipment has been cleared and you have been notified we ask that you pick-up or arrange to have your order shipped within 30 days.

Send your order form and cheque, bank draft or money order payable to the Canadian Hanoverian Society for the total amount.  If paying by VISA or Mastercard please fill in the card number and expiry date on the order form and you can scan the order form and email it to Greta.

If you have any questions regarding the shipment or would like to discuss stallion selection contact Greta Haupt at (905) 865-2529 (email:  We wish all our members the best of luck in the upcoming breeding season.

Mail Order Form (attached) and Payment to:

Greta Haupt
613 Concession 14
Hagersville, Ontario
N0A 1H0


2017 CHS Stallion Service Auction by Kathleen Richardson

Again this winter the Canadian Hanoverian Society will be holding its online Stallion Service Auction. As with the past years, the auction will be open to all North American breeders (no “breed” restrictions), and will feature some of the top breeding stallions from both Canada and the USA – as well as at least two Celle State Stud stallions, available via frozen semen.

Again, our auction will be the most user-friendly in that the winning bid will cover any booking fees, and any 1st collection fees – so no hidden add-on costs. Bidders should read individual stallion Contracts, and any Terms and Conditions, to know exactly what their bids will cover.

We have had very generous participation in past years from our Stallion Owners. Thank-you! Your donated breedings are a major support for the CHS activities and awards throughout the year.

Date – most likely early February. You will receive all details, including the list of stallions on offer, by email in January. The website as well as the Canadian Hanoverian Society Facebook page will also post full information, links to the Auction Site, and pictures and bios of featured stallions.

New in 2017 – The auction managers going forward are Tammy Lavasseur, whom many of you know through her recently launched “On the Bit Tack and Apparel” boutique shop ( and Andrea Philips, proprietor of North Spring Acres, who has supported breeders  (and our auction) for years, standing the Elite Stallion “Grandom”. Tammy and Andrea bring a lot of talent and enthusiasm to our auction. Tammy can be reached at, while Andrea’s email is

Breeding is what we do! Best wishes to everyone in securing a winning bid – and thank you to all participants and supporters.



Dressage – worldwide No. 1

The dressage horses of Hannoveraner Verband lead the worldwide ranking again in 2016. After the outstanding successes in Rio de Janeiro, the WBFSH rankings for studbooks were published one week before the Verden stallion sales. A perfect timing, as Desperados FRH by De Niro/Wolkenstein II (breeder: Herbert Schütt, Hemmoor) and his rider Kristina Bröring-Sprehe did not only contribute considerably to the triumph in the studbook ranking. The stallion is the most successful dressage horse worldwide in 2016 and started his career at the stallion sales 2003. Another Hanoverian among the top three dressage horses is Showtime FRH by Sandro Hit/Rotspon (breeder: Heinrich Wecke, Stadthagen) on third place.

Jumping – Fine Lady No. 2

Hanoverian jumper breeders enjoy tailwind. They reached repeatedly good results at the Verden auctions, and in the close competition for the top position in the WBFSH ranking things are looking better. After winning the bronze medal with Eric Lamaze, Fine Lady by Forsyth FRH/Drosselklang II (breeder: Wilhelm Leymann, Bassum) is on second place at the end of the year. With All Star by Argentinus/Alme (breeder: Horst Zöllmer, Heiligenthal), ridden by Denis Lynch, on seventh place there is another Hanoverian among the top ten. In the studbook ranking Hannover finished on fifth place. Against this background, we are looking forward to the high-carat jumping collection of the Verden stallion sales.

Eventing – top position consolidated

Top in all disciplines. Hannoveraner Verband succeeded in consolidating their top position in eventing in the WBFSH studbook ranking. As in the previous year, Hanoverians are on second place in the studbook ranking. Under New Zealander Mark Todd, Campino by Contendro/Pinkus (breeder: Hans-Jürgen Abel, Bremervörde) is the top Hanoverian this year. Andreas Dibowski’s currently most successful mount FRH Butts Avedon by Heraldik xx/Kronenkranich xx (breeder: Friedrich Butt, Bülkau) is close to his heels. More and more international top riders rely on Hanoverian event horses. Like for instance Australian Christopher Burton whose two top horses Nobilis by Nobre xx/Lemon xx (breeder: Wolfgang Badenhausen, Jesberg) – winner at Burghley – and bronze medallist of Rio de Janeiro, Santano by Sandro Hit/Brentano II (breeder: Anni Wöste, Geeste) are Hanoverians.

News about Club Members:

Review on a Canadian Hanoverian Stallion in Competition by Ted Parkinson

Brief History and Breeding Results:  Fabregas, a 2006 Florencio/DeNiro/Lanthan Licensed Hanoverian stallion, was purchased in the fall of 2011 by Parkwood Stables (Elaine & Ted Parkinson) of Rockwood Ontario from Hengststation Pape in Germany. Prior to moving to Canada Fabregas successfully competed at L level dressage competitions as well as siring award winning young horses in Germany and Great Britain. Since his move to Canada Fabregas has been an active breeding stallion with his first Canadian and US progeny hitting the ground in 2013. His youngsters in North America have won foal shows, mare shows, USDF Breeders Finals and a top dressage MPT in Canada.

Dressage Competitions and Development:  Inga Hamilton has been Fabregas’s trainer/rider since his arrival in Canada and over the past 5 years has developed him through the levels to competing Prix St. George/Intermediate1 in 2015/16.  As a performance horse the 2016 season saw Fabregas compete in the small tour, both National and CDI classes, resulting in Small Tour Reserve Champion and Small Tour Championship awards. The 2016 show season highlight was the Saugerties, NY USA show with two firsts, a second and scores up to 73.1% in the CDI Small Tour classes.

Fabregas Loves a Crowd:  Most recently Inga and Fabregas were selected to participate in the October 16th Charlotte Dujardin clinic in Palgrave, Ontario. It was terrific experience for Fabregas with a crowd of 1,000 spectators. Charlotte commented on Fabregas’s excellent temperament and rideability.

Future  Looking forward….Fabregas will continue to be offered as a breeding stallion and Inga will be schooling him at Grand Prix level during the 2017 Winter Season.

Parkwood Stables will be donating a Fabregas fresh semen breeding contract to the 2017 February 1st to 5th CHS Stallion Service Auction.

From Patricia Close: The seven year old Premium Mare Candidate Soraya (Sandro Hit x Elite Mare Denebola/Donnerhall) bred by Patricia Close and ridden by Sian Fernandez Thomas of the International Equestrian Centre won both the 3rd level open Eastern Canadian and Ontario Dressage Championships at the Karwartha Lakes show this September.  The Eastern Canadian Breeders Club was a sponsor of the show, which was wonderful as there were many Hanoverians competing. The sponsorship was announced several times each day. As  each horse went into the ring their breed was also announced, which is a start towards getting the breeders mentioned.  In the meantime, it might be a good publicity to have portable competition stall plaques describing the breeding of our Hanoverians made up for competitors to buy.



 Notification of foaling – Please confirm the births of your foals by filling in the Notification of Foaling document, which was mailed to members who submitted a Breeding Certificate to the Verband; or do so online at

 Horse ads on the CHS website (under “Marketplace”): A reminder that the website offers breeders a chance to submit free sales ads for their Hanoverian horses / foals. Use the “How to Place a Listing” app under the “Marketplace” tab.

Dry Shippers: The club owns two dry shippers which are available for rent to club members at $50 per use of two weeks or less, plus all shipping charges.  Contact Michael Boyd at or (416) 239-0624.

As this newsletter and periodic updates are sent by email, please forward your updated email address to Isabelle at or call (613) 272-2301. Thank you!


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