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2016 – Inspection Tour information and dates

2016 Inspection tour information and dates

This year Maren Schlender will be our judge from Germany. The tour will start in Quebec on August 27th and end on September 10th in Manitoba. The top scoring dressage bred mare and jumper bred mare who does the Mare Performance Test will be awarded the Fritz Floto Award.

Entry form 2016 Eastern Canada

Entry form 2016 Western Canada

Schedule of fees 2016

Canadian Hanoverian Inspection Tour for 2016

Saturday August 27, Ferme de Lys Farm, MI, FR

Sunday August 28, South Lane Farm, MI, MS, MPT. FR, FS

Monday August 29, RCMP Farm, FR, MI

Tuesday August 30, PEI, MI, FR

Thursday September 1, and Friday Sept.2 Parkwood Stables, MI, MS, MPT, FR, FS

Saturday September 3, Dreamscape Langley, B.C., MI, FR

Sunday September 4, Dreamcatcher Meadows Pemberton, B.C., MI, FR

Tuesday September 6, Edmonton, MI, FR

Thursday, September 8, Calgary, MI, MS, MPT, FR, FS

Saturday September 10, Manitoba, MI, FR

MI = Mare Inspection
FR = Foal Registration
MPT = Mare Performance Test (Two judges)
MS = Mare Show (Two judges)
FS  = Foal Show (Two judges)

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