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**SOLD**Fortunate Son (For Romance I-Premium Mare Bellalula/Belissimo M)

2021 Bay Hanoverian, small snip; three white socks

Price: SOLD

2021 Hanoverian Gold Medal Foal, Fortunate Son. A big, beautiful bay colt with three white socks and snip by For Romance I out of Premium Mare Bellalula (Belissimo M/Weltruhm/Donnerhall).
This attractive foal impresses with his expressive and typey good looks. Possessing a good length of neck and a loose shoulder, Sonny demonstrates good reach out front. This, when combined with the suppleness through his back and a strong hind leg, allows this colt to come under himself to demonstrate a rhythmical and powerful trot.
This Belissimo brood mare has an amazing record of quality. 1) Lula herself had the top MPT at her inspection and is a Premium Hanoverian Mare 2) First foal(2014 Firefly) had top MPT at her inspection and is a Premium Hanoverian Mare Candidate 3) Second foal (2015 Felicity) was Champion mare as a 2 year old and again when she was 3, top MPT, Premium Hanoverian Mare and winner of the Fritz Floto Award for top MPT in Canada. 4) Third foal (2016 Fax) was Champion foal at his 20+ foal Inspection. 5) Fourth (Fia) and fifth (Feren) foals have similar quality and movement to their siblings and are eligible for their MPTs in the next two years. 6) Sixth foal (2019 Flambé) was Reserve Champion foal in a field of 24 dressage foals at her inspection.
Premium Mare Bellalula herself was Mare Show winner in 2013 and impressed the judges with her trot and canter, which earned her top scores at her Mare Performance Test.
Stallion For Romance I won his 30-day test in Schlieckau with super scores. He received a 9.25 for his trot and rideability, a 9.0 for his canter, and an 8.88 for character.
Siblings of Fortunate Son are of no less quality – 2014 Hanoverian filly, Firefly completed a top MPT at her inspection and was awarded Premium Hanoverian Mare Candidacy. 2015 Hanoverian filly, Felicity was Champion mare as a 2-year-old, and when she was 3, completed a top MPT, and was awarded a Premium Hanoverian Mare designation and was the winner of the Fritz Floto Aw


Registration Number: DE 431319835121
Breeding Approval(s):


Contact Information:

Rick and Marjorie Haus
Walnut Hill Farm
265 Brant Elderslie Town Line
Paisley, Ontario N0G 2N0

Tel: (905) 902-4497

Owner of Record: Rick and Marjorie Haus
Breeder: Marjorie Haus

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