JBP Approved Stallions

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JBP Approved Stallions

Le Primeur (Laptop-Palue St. PR/Pinkus)
Standing at Spruce Meadows, Alberta, Canada

The JBP Committee has adopted the criteria used by the PHS for selecting the stallions for the Program. In addition to having an appropriate jumping pedigree, a stallion must meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • a score of at least 125 in the jumping index of the stallion performance test
  • a jumping score of 8.5 in the stallion performance test
  • a successful competition record
  • offspring with successful competition records or
  • a breeding value for jumping of at least 120

By way of example, the stallion’s success in USEF level 8/9 jumping competitions, Canadian jumper levels at 1.4m or above, experience at international levels of competition, or qualification to participate in the World Championships for young show jumpers or the offspring’ s successes at Canadian jumper levels of 1.3m or above, resp. USEF level 7/8 jumping competitions would be factors considered in favor of including a stallion in the Program. However, successes in hunter competitions will not be considered.

Because competition records are not readily available in the U.S., the Committee relied primarily on stallion performance tests and breeding values for this initial list of stallions. The Committee encourages owners of stallions not otherwise included in this initial list to provide us with the competition records of the stallion or his offspring. The Committee will evaluate these records and if sufficient, may include the stallion into the Program. In addition to the stallions already selected for the PHS, the initial list of North American stallions selected for the Program is set forth below.

Canadian-based JBP-Approved Stallions

U.S.-based JBP-Approved Stallions


JBP Criteria and Horse Application

If you believe your mare or stallion is eligible for entry into the Jumper Breeding Program and is not currently listed as approved, please download and carefully complete the following PDF form which lists the specific criteria and forward it to the JBP committee for consideration.

JBP Criteria and Horse Application

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