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Banner Advertising Rates and Specifications

Disclaimer: Neither the Canadian Hanoverian Society, its Officers, Directors, nor staff assume any liability, legal or otherwise. Advertising on this website does not constitute endorsement by the CHS. The Canadian Hanoverian Society, through its Board of Directors, reserves the right to accept or reject advertisements for this website at its discretion. All ads placed must comply with material acceptable for all ages. Only current CHS members and board-approved equestrian businesses (those selling services/products to the equestrian community), may advertise on this website.

Advertising Plans

Banner ads will rotate throughout the site at all times. Views and click throughs are tracked by an ad management system and current individual advertiser statistics are available through a web site link as well as a weekly-generated report. Your ad will stay in rotation for the specified amount of time, and resume when your contract is renewed. Ad dimensions and specifications are listed below. Please specify the exact URL you wish to link to when you order. Use the convenient Banner Ad Order Form and remit payment directly to our website advertising partner at The Design Werks Creative Group.

Monitor Your Advertising Data

The software used allows you to directly view the results of your advertising efforts by tracking the number of exposures your ads receive as well as how many resulted in a click through to your web site. So don’t just take our word for it…examine the data. Results are available weekly via scheduled emails or email for a web link to real time stats (available upon request).

Banner Ad Specifications

GIF or JPEG, animation permitted, maximum 40KB. Rich media ads including HTML, Flash and other ad sizes/positions may be available. Flash files require the link URL to be hard-coded. Effective banner ad design is offered at reasonable rates. Banner design fees start at $60 for animated GIF – 3 slides, $80 or animated GIF – 5 slides. Banner designs are client-approved before posted. Contact for more information on banner design.

Banner Advertising Terminology

CPM: Cost Per Thousand Impressions – Advertiser pays by impressions displayed
CPC: Cost Per Click – Advertiser pays by click-through*
CPA: Cost Per Action – Advertiser pays on action*
Impression: Each time a visitor views a page it is counted as one impression.
Visitor: Each unique reader of

* Option is not currently offered

Sizes and Rates

Prices quoted below are based on CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions). The banner software will track the number of banner impressions (times your banner is displayed to a visitor) and continue to display it in the rotation until the number of purchased impressions has been met. There are no additional pay per click fees. (Note: the “Discount Packages” listed below must be prepaid and allow you to rotate your banners as you please). If you choose any of the discount packages you will be able to change your banner whenever you have any special announcements. Just provide a new banner file to and change the banner as frequently as you wish.

To view banner ad rates, choose a size in the Select Banner Ad Size field in the form below. A dropdown with pricing information will appear for the banner ad size selected.

All advertising must be paid in advance. Banner ads will be activated upon receipt of the payment for the campaign and a banner ad file meeting the listed specifications (Please allow up to 3 business days). Orders may be placed via Paypal by completing the form below. Monthly rates are available upon request. Contact for more information.

The following is a list of banner sizes currently available. Submitted banners must conform exactly to one of the listed dimensions. Effective banner ad design is offered at reasonable rates. Banner design fees start at $60 for animated GIF – 3 slides, $80 for animated GIF – 5 slides. Banner designs are client-approved before posted. Contact for more information on banner design. To place a banner ad:

  1. Determine the banner size for your campaign.
  2. Choose the number of impressions you wish to order from the dropdown box
  3. Specify the URL (the address of a specific Web site or file on the Internet) your banner ad should point to when clicked
  4. Attach your conforming GIF, JPG or Flash banner file or email the file to
  5. Click “Buy Now” to checkout through Paypal


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