Eastern Canada Hanoverian Breeders Club
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About the Eastern Canada Hanoverian Breeders Club

The Hanoverian Breeders Club of Eastern Canada was founded in 1994 and is affiliated with Verband hannoversher Warmblutzuchter (The Society of Hanoverian Warmblood Breeders) in Germany.

The German Verband site contains information you need to know about breeding your Hanoverian mare, stallions currently at stud, mare and foal inspection prerequisites, and much more. We hope in the near future we will offer through this web site all of the above.

This club is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the breeding of Hanoverian horses in Canada. By virtue of guidelines set out by the The German Society of Hanoverian Warmblood Breeders, the goal of the Eastern Canadian Hanoverian Breeding Club is to produce a noble horse with a cooperative temperament, elastic gaits, correct conformation, and outstanding ability in international equestrian disciplines.

Our club aims to maintain and improve the breeding of Hanoverian horses in Canada and is committed to organizing and participating in shows to promote the breeding of Hanoverian horses.

Members and horses attend exhibitions to promote the Hanoverian breed and anyone interested in breeding or becoming a member should visit the Membership page.

Our members have horses bred from the most sought after Hanoverian bloodlines in the world available for purchase.

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