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Equestrian Canada’s Best Practices Guide for Buying and Selling a Horse

EC Best Practices photoIn November 2011, the Industry Council of Equestrian Canada held its first Equine Industry Forum and one initiative which was identified at this meeting was the need for a comprehensive publication which addresses the best practices recommended for buying and selling a horse.

This Guide is primarily geared to the buyers and sellers of sport horses that are, or will be ridden under saddle. However, these best practices apply to all horses and ponies, and are recommended as the best practices that should be followed by all members of Equestrian Canada.

The intent of this Guide is to provide education to both buyers and sellers so that each party will better understand the issues involved with buying a horse and the result will be a sale transaction that is satisfactory for both the buyer (or “the purchaser”) and the seller (or “the vendor”) and including any agent(s) involved in the transaction. There are many responsibilities involved with the proper care and handling of horses, and the owner of a horse(s) is taking on a very serious long term responsibility to ensure their animals are properly taken care of and have the best of care for a healthy, happy life. Equestrian Canada recommends all owners of horses refer to the, “Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Equines – 2013”. This comprehensive document was completed in partnership with the National Farm Animal Care Council (NFACC) and can be found on either the Equestrian Canada website at: or the NFACC website at: Horse owners should reference section one of this document, “Duty of Care.”

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